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    List of formula for mathematics course

    sqnces n series , differentiation/integrtion formulas
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    Maths Formulae

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    I need Tutor

    Your a BLENDA samaccount :spzz:
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    Atar estimate pls !

    You can't have an ATAR estimate just on report/internal ranks milandave, I think the main factors that come into a ATAR calculation is dependent on your year 10 group of students and your HSC mark for all your subjects undertaken (Mainly on your performance in the external examinations) and the...
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    I need Tutor

    Could you repeat that Kat? Uhmm..."The first year in ANY university course is the HARDEST.." Hmmm....are you sure about that?... like in ANY degree? What if I did...B Business (Accounting) major...but i was super good at maths/ was a fanatic at accounting prior to attending uni and also during...
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    I am psychologically messed up. Done 0 work from start of uni. WANT TO KILL MYSELF.

    Wow...... lol I only can give you one advice at this point in time, but it does'nt mean im leaving bored of studies... i.e. Maybe you can go to a Psychologists since your 'Psychologically' messed..? Book for one.. or maybe your expectations are a little too high?
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    Can someone please tell me the differences amongst.....

    I think the Opening Post has been answered real well for now.. but here comes more questions..lol
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    Can I make it?!?! Help please, particularly from current uni students!!!!!!!

    yeah..but he said MOST courses are that long..they aren't
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    Can I make it?!?! Help please, particularly from current uni students!!!!!!!

    completing a cert 4/ diploma takes 6 months?! WTH...no it does'nt..cert 4/diplomas take 3-4 years to complete does'nt it?!? LOL srsly
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    Applying straight to UNI without uac?

    its called direct applications.....=p
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    I received an early offer.

    your not lemonlime are you?
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    2.5 Below the desired cut-off, can I still get in?

    What you mean end of Jan/start of february? UAC is kinda a little confusing now..they changed there offer round 'names' or whatever...but I think its back to what they use to call it. Which is now..i.e. Early round, then MAIN ROUND, then Late-round and Final round offers... I assume you mean...
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    Uni Transfer

    sup may cat...how r u bro?