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    Anyone who was sorta looking forward to the fun aspect of year 12 disappointed?

    Same, i was excited to spend the last year of school doing dumb fun stuff with friends, going out do whatever etc. but obviously we cant. Its rough but I'm being optimistic that we'll be able to make up for it after HSC (that is if corona subsides by then)
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    Check on studentsonline you need your student number and pin
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    Thoughts? Are you happy with it?
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    Sleep - not worth losing an extra hour or two of sleep just to study while tired and not remember anything. Also youre in year 11 so dont push yourself too hard already, even in year 12 you should prioritise sleep over anything because your wellbeing is much more important than an extra bit of...
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    You would integrate the 18x+4 equation to get dy/dx=9x^2+4x+c, and sub in x=-1, dy/dx=0 to find the value of c. You now have your dy/dx equation and just do the same thing but with values x=1, y=10 to find the equation of the curve.
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    HSC 2020 & COVID: Where does this leave us?

    I've been learning at home with textbooks, youtube videos and past papers. Don't go tutoring so don't have access to their resources but our cohort just have to stay motivated and focused for the rest of the year, although theres lowkey too many distractions at home lol. But if they take year 11...
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    COVID-19 and school closures

    Yep, I've done 4 of my assessment tasks already but the other 2 are postponed or changed to hand in. My friends in other subjects said that their tasks are done online where the questions are given at 9am and due later in the day at like 3 or 5, which is an interesting way to approach it but I...
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    Perms and Combs Questions

    So I've got my HSC this year but I am well aware that perms and combs is the devil for 3u lol. Does anyone have any question banks or resources with a bunch of questions available that I could practice? Thanks!
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    Past Papers Year 11 Extension 1 Half Yearly and Yearly

    Go on thsc and there will be an abundance of past papers for you
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    2020-HSC chat

    Right here bro
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    2020-HSC chat

    Same with 4u math and English for me - if I do well in them this year then it’ll feel like the past 12 years were worth it
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    2020-HSC chat

    haha maybe it will! I've self taught myself 4u so far and its going decent so hopefully i can maintain that throughout this year along with physics!
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    2020-HSC chat

    Advanced english, physics, business, economics, 3u 4u maths - its gonna be a rough year
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    2020-HSC chat

    anyone else just been bludging all holidays lol
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    Picking up 4U Maths?

    Thank you that helps a bunch! May I ask how many hours you spent a week studying 3U and 4U math? I'm not sure of how much of my study i should focus on purely maths.