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  • Hi, Wendy. I will be happy to help. As part of my common commerce courses, I am currently undertaking MGMT1001. It's an internationally recognised subject where you get to "climb" the Everest Mountain through simulation game. I really recommend you take the subject to know more about what management really involves.

    Successful completion of this subject will open up many career opportunities for you. For example, you can be employed by coffee manufacturing businesses to test the effectiveness of the caffeine in their coffee. I mean... after all, once you have finished the course, you would pulled at least 20 all nighters so you would be pretty much immune to the effect of caffeine. Coffee manufacturing industry is always interested in employing such individuals to make their coffee stronger.
    i am in super high demand. i got all these random invites for "friend"ship...

    yeah, we shouldn't be "friends".
    Yeah, I got shortlisted for that too but I am not interested in anything apart from Actuarial lol but good luck to you, Wendy :D
    Hi there,

    Was just reading your post on Actuarial Co-op scholarship interview, congratulations! That is quite an achievement to receive an interview. I am an Actuarial Studies Co-op Scholar from 2006 just finished the course. Most of the information you have been given is correct. You will need to maintain a credit average, not fail any subject, and perform satisfactorily in your work placements.

    Most co-op scholars do have high grade averages because they put in the effort and do the work. Subjects are scaled so distinctions are always possible (as well as high distinctions) but you'll only get out of the program as much as you put in.

    Good luck with your interview. I hope that you choose UNSW regardless for the foundation of your career in Actuarial Studies.

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