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  • Hey mate.

    I replied to your message but im not sure if it went through. Let us know if you haven't received the email if not ill just post it here.
    google: ATAR CALCULATOR :p
    and they have the "ATAR TO HSC MARKS" or "HSC MARKS TO ATAR" converters
    temme if you still need more info
    you attempted to neg me therefore you are a negger

    and 2011 group, it's on my sig and profile page
    I will not have him because I don't do a History and I know my religion teacher because I am in a class of 11 others who are not doing religion on the religion line lol. It was just my last Friday of freedom, Thank God!
    Hey there! I realised that your intended subjects are the same as the ones I am currently taking for the 2009 HSC (except for the religion!). If you have any questions on any of them, feel free to ask!

    Good luck!
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