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    Who's doing an all nighter...for no particular reason..

    don't cry about the time! the morning is beautiful and refreshing!
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    in yet anyone? earlybirds?

    come on guys get up, stop crying, when you get over the hsc you might find yourself doing shiftwork like me. 5:00am, pfft, what a pleasant sleep in
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    Uni Games 2004

    i've heard that they do golf! i'm very tempted
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    anyone doing Comm/Law?

    yeah .6 for any combined law course at sydney. but it will go up next year.
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    movie theatre

    there is one in the holme building that shows late releases
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    Case Assignment

    Yeah baby WOO - 1:07am on Wednesday and I'm done. Didn't expect to get such a good night's sleep :)
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    difficulty of the first year math exams

    much like i can believe that flying pigs exist, but i'm still patently wrong (sorry opal).
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    thanks heaps guys. very helpful. i'll email them asap.
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    I'm in my first semester of Science/Law at the moment. It shats me!! Science was a big mistake. Does anyone have info on what a transfer to Arts/Law would involve... Can I do it mid-year? What sort of credit would I get from my current chemistry/physics/maths, and how would I go about...
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    anyone got into med with an UAI lower than 97?

    or to rephrase, if you're arrogant as all hell, why hide it?
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    help with an essay.

    hahaah nice try. uni's a bit harder than school hey.
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    Interfaculty sport

    dunno, science cricket just rocked up to our tute and said "we're on in 5 minutes against the vets, who's in"
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    Sex for HECS?

    that's a really sad state of affairs....
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    Protest Rally thing (& free BBQ)

    No media incited violence. The video footage on seven came from a student holding a tiny camcorder. No reporter was anywhere near the pepper spray.
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    Protest Rally thing (& free BBQ)

    bashing up cops - hardly!!! if you'd seen the actual fight, the spray was so unprovoked, some dickhead took the cop's hat off and for that he sprayed the whole crowd.