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Will Shakespear

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  • lol...hehe that line sounds soo familiar. But what the heck, okay so ur "pure and innocent". :) happy?


    Thats gud, congrats. Ohh where abouts?
    I had to do work experience at a primary school, lol they kids loved me, one kinder boy was convinced i was his girlfriend, so cute.

    Ohh okay. Lol In that case theres probly less crime rates. :p
    Ohh yeh thats what they all say. :p "Just me." hehe
    Nah srsly though to the point of the above debate: i agree and reckon BOS is corrupt...hehe. :p

    Btw. How wud yu know if Omie jay is 'pure and innocent'? heh.

    As in Sydney. lol. Ohh thats alright, how was the placement?

    Nah, i havent... should i? *Is it a nice area etc*?
    Ahaha thats why ur here? lol L&L forum? hehe

    The Western Suburbs. :eek:

    lol. Parramatta :)

    How far is Newcastle from Parra? *approximatley*
    ohh okay, kwl.

    lol. I had to google dugongs... :shy: hehe never heard of them before. lol

    Ohh thats alrite...so shes my ageish...lol is she on bos too? hehe

    Yes, ur right...guesss. :)

    Ohh kwl, im from Sydney :p
    hehe i thought so, but doesnt hurt to ask. :p

    Ohh even better. hehe. Catch any pictures with the sharks? :p

    Ohh kwl. So u do the big brother act on her im guessing.
    lol I'm one of 5 children... i'm the eldest. :eek:

    Guess what? Only two days to go...hehe

    hmm...where abouts in AU are yu?
    He doesn't mind, and his family doesn't have to know i'm a perv xD
    Sorry, ugh, my spelling is really bad.
    Ew, I can't imagine having vanilla sex all the time, I think I'd go crazy o_O;
    Why is that suprising?
    Well, actually, i know why its suprising, nearly every other Indian girl is frigid..
    But yes, I am an Indian girl who watches porn =)
    ((I'm sorry, i think i spelt suprising wrong x_x )
    Yeh it was okay, lol unfortunatley didnt get anything i couldnt consume. hehe. Yesterday was a fatty day. BUT the other day i went shopping and bout a dress from cotton on and a nice pair of high heels ;) lol. I knoe most guys hate it, but do yu go shopping much?

    Yeh... thats cute. Any funny stories from the outing?
    Honestly my best memories are those with my faily at the beach and stuff hehe. How many siblings/if any do yu have?
    Hehe, maybe? lol.

    Ohh the Seymour centre... and ofcourse the shopping centre. :p

    Ohh kwl, did yu end up going? *hehe i thought i was the only one who went on outings with my family anymore* :eek:

    :shy: hehe. Thanks...and if u look anything irl like that hotty in ur avatar then u r too. :p

    Yeh alrite thanks. The Assessments are rolling in now :( I had my last swimming carnival today, am off to Broadway tommorrow.

    Planning anything special for tommorow?
    :O AHAHAHA lol. So u do ur hsc in 2013, u sure this isnt ur troll account?


    Hows been?
    "You're not racist, just retarded" - care to voice your opinion? Don't swear at me. I just want to know what you actually disagree with.
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