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Recent content by Without Wings

  1. Without Wings

    UWS - Faculty of law

    Don't be silly. UWS's structure is: College of Arts » School of Communication Arts » School of Education » School of Humanities and Languages » School of Psychology » School of Social Sciences College of Business » School of Accounting » School of Economics and Finance »...
  2. Without Wings

    UWS - Faculty of law

    Thanks for your suggestion. I've passed it onto the rest of the team and at present they feel it not necessary. Any posts regarding the Law Faculty at UWS can be posted under the College of Business subforum. Alternatively there is also a Law Forum in the University Section. We may...
  3. Without Wings

    The different levels of members (e.g.: new member, assistant member)

  4. Without Wings

    Timetables for 2010 students.

    Most faculties use the SMP Enrolment System. It explains it all here: SMP - OnLine Tutorial System - Current Students @ UOW All the faculties and the systems they use are listed with info here if you want to check which system your faculty uses: Tutorial & Practical Preferences - Current...
  5. Without Wings

    ID Card

    It IS your concession card you don't need to get a sticker as it is printed on your card. Next year you will need to get a sticker though. Transport - How to Obtain a Travel Concession Pass - Getting to UOW @ UOW
  6. Without Wings

    What would you like to see on BOS?

    This has been suggested before with many members also wanting to leave it as is. You can find the proposal here: http://community.boredofstudies.org/214/news-current-affairs-politics/178723/ncap-subforum-change-proposal.html Feel free to add your comments. It's not broken, just not many...
  7. Without Wings

    How are HSC marks calculated?

  8. Without Wings

    Help with Brazil case study in impact of globalisation!!!

    I don't know if this is the case of the thread starter but some students are required to do a particular case study as part of their internal assessments.
  9. Without Wings

    Main Round and Second Round

    That is not correct. Accepting your offer in the main round doesn't stop you from being considered in subsequent offer rounds unless it is your first preference. Please note thought that if you receive an offer to your first course preference in one offer round you will not be considered for...
  10. Without Wings

    Your Study Area

    Guys I've just cleaned up over 50 off-topic posts. Please stay on topic in future.
  11. Without Wings

    Help with Brazil case study in impact of globalisation!!!

  12. Without Wings

    best way to evaluate

    Evaluate: Make a judgement based on criteria; determine the value of Source: Board of Studies Glossary of Key Words
  13. Without Wings

    new threads, not made by me

  14. Without Wings

    new threads, not made by me

    This. Generally if a mod sees posts that are offtopic for the thread, but still a worthy topic of discussion they may move them to a new thread instead of just deleting them as 'offtopic spam'. emiliieee if you would like the thread you deleted restored, now that you know how it was created...
  15. Without Wings

    If I accept the offer I got now, does that mean no offers come second round?

    Changing your preferences - UAC undergraduate FAQs