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  • Good Luck Eddie for tomorrow and wednesday.
    BTW how is 4 unit going, I heard you guys started classes last week.
    Are you smashing all the "new" Year 12ers?
    Hey Eddie,
    You too!! I know your going to meet your "unusually high Asian expectations".
    I'll try to do my best, not feeling awesome at the moment though.
    Hahah yeah it's crazy, hopefully they extend the planning and decide the change should be delayed for a year or two! Haha, I really don't want my prelim marks to be on my certificate :/
    & yeah, thanks :) you too with your school work - SC & HSC.
    Hahah, then why you still there? :p
    Nah, as long as the subjects you want and sufficient resources are there, you'll be alright.

    & yeah, east hills. It's alright. Though I regret not applying for selective since many of my friends received a placement. However, most of them are regretting it now since their ranks are quite low whereas I have higher ranks with my subjects. But you never know, I'll just hope for the best -__-

    I'm really annoyed at the moment with the Board of Studies. They've changed it so that the Prelim marks are on your HSC Certificate. We're the "trial" year. Hence, I have to do well in the prelims because people are going to see it. ajshdasljkhdasjdh :(
    LOL Nah it's cool!
    I decided to say hello anyway.
    Nice to semi-meet you too haha.
    Are you still at THAC?
    Haha it's alright, my page is uber lonely too >_>"
    Thanks for commenting on mine!
    & yeah, that name holds some aspects of significance from a long, long time ago.
    -awkward silence- *twiddles fingers*
    okay bye :D
    Sorry this is completely random but hi :)
    I know you from somewhere D: I'm just o_o hm.
    Level of creepiness is increasing, mm nvm :D
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