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    Congratulations for achieving average marks

    You should come to my school, B35tY, so you are going to be the dux and your name will be engraved in the school honour list... Nevertheless, congrats !!
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    Congrats to one of our own - 100 UAI!

    But you have done it...:D
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    Congrats to one of our own - 100 UAI!

    airie, you want to get 100 right? i know it.:D I think you can because you go to St George Girls and top your year, right?
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    Congrats to one of our own - 100 UAI!

    Yeah I know... how can Bookie not knowing his fellow curry friend? Of course he does.:D
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    Congrats to one of our own - 100 UAI!

    A curry guy from Sydney Boys...
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    State average?

    Where is this? Can't find it in the BOS statistics archive. And are those raw or scaled marks?
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    State average?

    Thanks haque and ianc. That's what I need. :) Don't think BOS will ever released any raw marks statistics.
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    Top Schools of 2006 - Daily Telegraph

    From 140s last year into somewhere 300s i think... what a bad year for my school...:(
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    Hospitality UAI

    I don't know about hospitality... but yes only your best 10 subjects (after scaling and such) will count towards your UAI.
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    State average?

    Where can I find information about the state average for each course? Are they only available to schools?
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    Congrats to one of our own - 100 UAI!

    Congratulations Kaivan Vaidya of Sydney Boys. You deserved it.:) p.s. I thought I know you... but you may not...
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    take a guess

    JUAI said 99.90 for 2002 and 2005 and 100.00 for 2003 and 2004 (well the JUAI 2004 seems buggy so we can exclude that). Optophobia, you have severely underestimated ESL contribution to UAI. It is a common misconception for ESL.
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    Post your 2006 HSC results here!

    Wow, same as my school, a big drop from 25 to just 4...
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    BIggest difference between assessments and exam marks?

    74 external, 91 internal (17 marks) This is for my Mathematics Extension 2. As a side note, there are only three of us doing this subject at my school and I come last. I think there is a problem with my external mark, how do I inquire about this? Oh, well, I think I just forget about this, as...
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    Highest UAI WITHOUT getting a Premier's Award

    Some people may get UAI of 99+ if they get 89 for subjects such as 4 unit English, 4 unit Math and Chemistry, but they still won't find their name on BOS website or today's paper...