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Recent content by xinxin89

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    Summer clerkships 2009/2010

    worth applying for clerkships if you're only in second yr? or would firms think you dont have enough stuff on ur resume for them to evaluate u yet, after all, there are 4th yr pplz applying for these too
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    ISYS123 or ISYS114?

    Was wondering if anyone has more knowledge about which one of these courses is better and more relevant to someone who's doing Applied Finance/Law. Which of these actually teaches you how to use computer programs, spreadsheets n databases? I dont really want to learn about algorithms or writing...
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    Thoughts on the exam

    i thot section 1 was a bit hard in that the author didn't give a concrete statement on what they thought, it was just strings of rhetorical questions.....that made it hard for me to make an actual judgement on him section 2 was fine - quote was pretty accessible, though it seemed the quote...
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    Exam Q1 - modernism vs post modernism

    hey tess, i'm wondering the exact same thing. I called up the hotline too, the stimulus in the hsc wont always require us to talk about PM vs M. Say that's the case this year, what other stuff is there to say since PM vs M is all we learned..... Are we meant to just somehow find a way...
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    Section IV - Historical Period

    Re: Section IV - Historical Periods yea greek world 500-440 was good, did the naval battles question, overall paper was good i rkn
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    Greek world 500-440BC...can I assume that the question will be this format?

    omg.....i'm so tempted to just study for one of them - wars of DL this chapter has soooo much detail in it, cant remember it all plus is the key democratic dot-point still in the syllabus? my teacher says it's not anymore and the nature, composition of pelop league is only a minor...
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    Help Modern Historians For The Persian Wars

    don't worry too much about modern hisotirans, stick with the primary ones - herodotus, thucydides tho some good modern ones are - bradley - bury and meiggs the marking centre notes said not to use heaps and heaps of historians, only when ur making a strong point, otherwise it;d just look...
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    two dot-points of 500-440BC

    hey does anyone know if these two dot-points need to be learnt and what are the chances of them asking a question on the two * key democractic developments: influence of thetes, ostracism, citizenship law * nature, composition and acitivities of the Peloponnesian League it seems this...
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    Section 2

    least u guys actually based ur story on the quote...i merely inserted it in like the second last sentence...forming part of the description, i didn't get wat they meant by using it as a central idea i couldn't see any ideas or concepts in those quotes, they were just broken phrases to me lol...
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    Ethical issues in Pompeii

    we got this question in the trials, our teacher said it's actually inviting you to talk about the new reseach and technolgies stuff too. Has anyone else been told that by their teacher? Cuz not many of us did in the trial, even if we did, we touched on it. The dot-point is focusing on ethical...
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    What did Davy contribute?

    i'm finding his contribution really obscure....like wat the heck wat the key thing he discovered? All texts say that he used Volta's pile to electrolyse water, and decomposed molten salts, soemthng like that. But what does that show about electron transfer movements? What was the discovery? And...
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    Telling the Truth - Related Texts

    Has anyone used Chicago as a related? Are the techniques easy to spot?
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    The Dioscuri

    Does anyone know what some of the historians have said about the Dioscuri? it's under myths and legends.......they don't seem to have been very Spartan, otehr than having grown up in Sparta...otherwise mostly worshipped by the Romans
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    someone clarify this for me

    hey pplz........just say the historians that u learn cant be applied to the stimulus in the exam....i mean wat the hell do u do then?! like non of the historians u've memorised fits into the stimulus, that means u have nothing to bloody base ur essay on..... and also....is it just me...
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    MedEntry Internet questions

    is it hard to make 185? with medentry