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    legal - help plz~

    HELP ON THIS QUESTION PLEASE... --- Discuss the effectiveness of legal or non-legal measures in respondin to one specfic example of an international right issue ? -
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    Batemans Bay 2006

    hey stubby um this might seem random but any chances that your from wagga?? lol..did u used to go out with sarah? lol...god i hope its u otherwise i must sound liek the biggest freak lol..well anyways me and my friends are going to be in batemans bay on the 25th! so might catch there lol!
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    Bateman's Bay Schoolies 27 Nov - 2 Dec

    hey yer me and few girls are going to batemans bay from the 20th til the 27th though..is anyone going down between then?? lol
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    south coast

    hey yer we were worried to that no one would be there...but me and few other girls are goin down from 20th - 27th nov when are heading down??
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    south coast

    HEY yer me and few other girls are going down there from the 20th - 27th november! when are u going down ?? where worried that no one wil be there too lol...
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    south coast

    yer a few girls n me are heading down.. your accom sounds pretty good..im not sure what the place is called that where staying at my friend booked it..but where going down on the 20th til 27th!
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    south coast

    hey anyone going down the south coast for schoolies? batesmans bay?
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    ABA - canberra

    hey is anyone going to Australian business Acadmey in canberra next year?
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    schoolies in merimbula

    hey is any one going to Merimbula for schoolies???
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    HEYHEY...yer me and my friends are goin down there on from the 20th - 27th!!!
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    sports management

    hey is anyone studying sports management or marketing courses....
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    Australian Business Academy

    hey..im interested in goin to ABA next year..was wondering what it is like? and if anyone is studying the sports management course?....