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    Post Your 2008 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam) (UAI cutoffs link)

    Re: Post Your 2008 University/UAC Offer Here! (No Spam) USyd - B.Sci (adv) Congrats to everybody.
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    what a bunch of rude pricks!!!

    Partly true, though I despise the fact. I went to the UWS info day and I spoke with the Dean of medicine (or whatever his position was) for about 30 minutes and he was very sincere, patient and explained everything in detail, even though I was looking pretty sloppy - a dude wearing thongs...
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    Official UAI Results

    Another several years of official education for some :)
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    Official UAI Results

    Congrats ssglain, you've got a near absolute certainty of getting into med since you performed well in the UMAT and assuming also for your interviews. lol bad luck on missing out on 100.00
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    Impacts of Fuels Cells?

    This might help as well Future applications: Future applications include powering automobile vehicles so that they will run entirely on a renewable energy source consisting primarily of hydrogen and oxygen in, and pure water out, and so that they are extremely quiet with little vibration. In...
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    Impacts of Fuels Cells?

    Yeah fuel cells have had a fairly high impact, and have high potentials also. These are my 2007 HSC notes on the Fuel Cell: Impact on society: Fuel cells have allowed applications to be performed with ease in people’s lives in the present and also for future applications such as the use in...
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    Interpreting your results from SAM

    Same mentality as mine :) I recently remembered that the results come out this week. whenever i think of 'HSC' i think of boredofstudies lol hence me here
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    Medical Science ... which UNI ? =D

    I'm personally going to UNSW for B.MedSci :) This degree at UNSW is a bit more flexible because you can choose electives in 1st year unlike USYD. I heard that the resources and teaching quality/experiences are at a high standard. I also heard that UNSW is more social than USYD as well :D
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    I've seen many practice gamsat tests, and some problem solving questions are insane.
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    MATH1041 - Statistics for Life & Social Sciences

    MATH1041 Statistics for Life & Social Sciences is compulsory for 2008 B.MedSci students...Is this HSC 4 unit type work? Is it really difficult and complex? Would a HSC 2u maths background student struggle to pass this subject?
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    Religion and Non-Religion - Multiple Choice

    Oh I see, you have a point there. The question is a bit ambiguous I think since "established ethical guidelines" could be in relation to the transcendent or not which ultimately determines whether or not they are with a non-religious worldview.
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    Really godawful ugly handwriting.

    Use a thicker barrel pen for neater writing, and a thinner one for fast writing :)
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    Medentry . HELP ..~ Is it worth it?

    I might try one for 2008.
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    Anti-Stress and Relaxation Hobbies

    Go for morning jogs. It increases your self-confidence, self-esteem, health, fitness, stamina whilst studying, understanding of difficult experiences since you're in solitude and therefore possibly increases your likelihood to not procrastinate. This is only for some people :)
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    Chemistry or Senior Science?

    Same here with wrxsti, I got low 70s to 80s in my assessment tasks and exams but then were much higher in the HSC course. Senior Science might be really exciting at the start and you may lead yourself to believe 'i'm going to ace this, it's so easy!', but then further down the year when you...