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  • Indo? As in, Indonesian? Technically, I'm half. x'D

    And ahh, I see. That kinda sucks, but I do understand. ;(

    Eh, so far, I don't know what type of part time job I want. Something that'll pay for the groceries and travel expenses is good enough. Nothing like working in a bar as a waitress, because my parents flat out say no to that, or being a kitchen hand, because I'm god darn slow in the kitchen. I'd prefer working in a call center or being a cashier, but I have a feeling that those jobs are difficult to come by...

    And I plan to do 1st year subjects in summer school. Since I'm entering mid-way through the year, I still have four more 1st year courses to take, so I might as well take three of them during summer school and overload another year/take summer school another year. It'll end up being cheaper for me, because the course fees increase every year. (Yeah, I thought that far ahead...)
    If you regret it, why not change it back? :eek:

    And I'll probably be working a part time job while doing summer school during the holiday. (The summer holiday, right?) It's part of my plan to graduate a semester early. Saves money, time, and all that good stuff.

    Check your private messages, you'll find it. :)
    You switched from Commerce to Psychology? :eek:

    And I am rather keen for the next semester, seeing as it's my first! Looking forward to making new friends, learning (hopefully) interesting stuff, etc.

    As for my parents - no, they're not too strict. They just worry for me. But they're a heck lot less strict than other parents. :)
    Thanks! Not sure how difficult that is, but I enjoy Commerce and the Arts, so I'm hoping that I'll do well in 'em. ;)
    hey! saw that you were doing Psyc at usyd this semester, same here! just wondering if you have figured out how to access the lecture recordings on Blackboard? as i was under the impression first year psyc didnt record lectures but theres a link for it on Blackboard as of Monday.
    yep, there's one each on monday, tuesday and thursday plus a tute and some online thing.
    well i had "the financial system" (part of finance major and econ too i think) and tomorrow im gonna have "quantitative business analysis" which is part of finance and econ major too hahah =D
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