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  • OMG IT'S ZEROESSSS! now if we only replace the many e's with a's and then we get.. :D
    Yeah, ecos was alright. i really wanted to do well, but it wasn't a test that was too challenging, so i don't know how i'll fair out compared to others if you know what i mean :L
    dude, i haven't talked to you in like ages. WHAT IS THIS?! our drmeta phase has been transported to the cyberworld!

    im sorry if i seem socially awkward, which the line above clearly states. <socially isolated>
    Your about me says you're into industrial. When i think of industrial i always think of them. "Better than the best..." :D

    Lol. Lazy. :p What school do you go to? (pm me if you want, i'm just interested as you're accelerating).
    Hate it when that happens. :( You shall remember at some point in the future when it is no longer relevant.

    I need to psyche myself up for school. Gonna listen to my favourite songs.
    Lol really now? I bet i can outweird you anyday.

    E.g. Just today was going to officeworks and halfway to the bus stop i realised i'd forgotten my mybus 1. So i just walked the 3 km and back there.
    Happy birthday in advance! (i'm horrible with remembering birthdays)

    Chill out with the light off? o_O
    I'm too poor for a light :(
    1 day till the end of the holidays (if you don't count weekends). 1 day till everything actually counts!!!
    He's my favourite character :) Though i fell in love with it otherwise.

    Lol yeh i'm always doing it. If you go down you'll see heaps of them. Haha, no common sense.
    (btw i'm typing this in pitch black, sorry for the slowness) <------------------ Nothing shifty there :p

    I gtg ok. Ttyl
    Ohh lol wth. I can help him with neg rep :p. Nah dw rep is shit here. The guys who have the most rep are those who post in the Non-school section. That's cos they rep each other. Rep power is a combination of post count, age of account and amount of rep points.
    Haha i'm guessing someone is going for a late night. Fml 1 day left :L

    Btw is that Marvin in your dp? If so i add a billion rep to you madam.
    Haha yeh but it's so tempting. I guess he isn't too bad though, well intentioned but completely paranoid and self-defensive.
    Wtf i just looked at one of his posts and he has 2 rep bars?

    Fair enough. :p I'm not gonna start drinking tea yet. I've heard once you start your body starts craving it.
    Being the better (wo)man. Ironic that he's so 'smart' yet so childish as well.

    So you like that tea aye :p
    Fanks for da rep. :D

    Someone should complain but i think everyone's waiting for someonelse to. This is why teenagers never get anything done. *sigh*
    3 years is not that long, what school do you go to? as i know alot of people from the 2012 grade..
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