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    heyyy! they are detailed notes which cover the entire syllabus, they are concise in the sense...

    heyyy! they are detailed notes which cover the entire syllabus, they are concise in the sense that they do not cover irrelevant material but they are detailed to ensure you get maximum marks if you learn them well :) hope this helps!
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    CADETSHIPS 2012 Discussion Thread

    hello!! not meaning to intrude in the discussion, but just to clarify... it is possible to have both (and yes, it is unlikely you will find a scholarship that enables you to study part-time). i have a scholarship (and am studying full-time) but I also work full-time (with a cadetship)...
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    ohh haha, nah, I got your message... I sent you the stuff that you purchased to your email now...

    ohh haha, nah, I got your message... I sent you the stuff that you purchased to your email now :) good luck!
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    check your pm !

    check your pm !
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    Help!!! :(

    to study for economics, you need three main tools: 1. a good set of notes - make them as detailed and as thorough as possible, using diagrams and statistics to SUPPORT the theory that is covered in textbooks. 2. continually update your statistics and information - economics is not a static...
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    Essay introduction

    hi there, in terms of this question, it clearly can be divided into two sections: firstly, analyse the trends of the labour market - here you need to make sure you focus on the casualisation of the workforce and the part-time employment growth first, so basically talk about some of the reasons...
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    CADETSHIPS 2012 Discussion Thread

    I will be there! Representing my firm :)
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    Belonging Assessment task

    try to just focus on a single aspect of belonging and really use pictures to support that. e.g. you might focus on the concept of identity, and then have different images that support that. try to be really consistent in the message that you convey though, as visual representations can be...
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    Essay Structure

    I would only define one word (or two words MAXIMUM) - the way to choose this word to define is to think about what the underlying concept is of the question. e.g. if there is a question about trade and financial flows, I would be defining GLOBALISATION, rather than trade and financial flows, as...
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    Preparing for the HSC next year

    you just need to focus on the fact that it's your final year of high school, give it what you've got, you owe it to yourself and just draw your motivation from there!
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    how do my subjects look?

    just work on bringing up your english results and try to maintain your top ranks in your lower scaling subjects and you should be able to achieve your goal!
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    ATAR advice (first post)

    Agreed, as your subjects don't scale particularly well and so therefore every mark you lose, there will be a much bigger impact on your ATAR.
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    Full time work and uni?

    Is this in accounting???
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    Production Possibility Frontier Question????

    i hope you're joking.
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    Production Possibility Frontier Question????

    Agreed with the above.
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    Should I drop Mathematics?

    Maths does broaden your prospects for university I guess - and would be useful, even at the 2 unit level. So maybe keep it and see how you're going, and if you are still doing poorly by you putting in lots of effort, get rid of it. :)
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    business report

    The typical format/structure of a business report is: Executive summary - this is almost like an introduction that should set the context of your response and outline exactly the direction you intend to take your response in. Various body paragraphs (using headings and diagrams and tables etc...
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    Doing economics, business and legal.

    That is extremely true. 94 in Business Studies is the 99th percentile (top 1% of the candidature), and when you think about the fact that there are over 15,000 students doing Business Studies, it is clear that it is not easy to get into that top 1% range. 95 obviously would mean that the...
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    Doing economics, business and legal.

    I personally was doing Business, Legal and Economics during Year 11 and for the first term of Year 12. I then dropped Legal Studies after the first Year 12 assessments. Basically, from what I could gauge of the content of the subjects and having completed both Economics and Business Studies, I...