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    General university questions - help needed

    Okay so basically I got accepted into Commerce/Science at Macquarie beginning next year (I took a gap year this year), however I'm not sure if I'll cope with the double degree, and I don't know anyone with previous experience to ask. I'm planning on giving it a shot - however commerce related...
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    Help much appreciated

    This is question 17 from the 2011 paper, and I'm stuck as to how to go about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 17 The molar heat of combustion of pentan-1-ol is 2800 kJ mol−1 . A quantity of pentan-1-ol was combusted, generating 108 kJ of heat. What mass of pentan-1-ol was...
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    Quoting dialogue

    Basically I'm using this quote (from the film Flags of our Fathers) for my Module C essay: Ira: “Hank didn’t raise that flag, He raised the other one. The real flag” Bud: “The what? The… real flag? There’s a real flag?” Just wondering how i integrate I quote which has two speakers, or...
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    Fundamental Principle/Formulas

    I was just wondering if you were asked to boil down the HSC Chem Syllabus into say, 5 pages of notes ( an executive summary) what would you include? I've got a test coming up and I'm tryna list down the 'must-knows'. e.g. n=m/M c=n/v ΔH=-mcΔT common ions acid base reactions...
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    Help Module A

    The essay I have prepared is 1400 words for my trials, but theres no way I can write that in 45 minutes. Would I be marked down for only doing 2 themes/issues (because my prepared essay has 3 each) in my trial (and HSC)?
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    Atar prediction?

    Basically I just want to know if 70-75 is possible? SOR II: 1/11 Advanced English: 4/15 Mathematics: 6/9 Biology: 5/13 Chemistry: 3/3 Physics 3/8 School rank is about 300.