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    Recent ECMT1020 UOS Outline?

    Can't decide between ECMT1020, QBUS2810 and perhaps introductory macro. I've looked at the outline for QBUS2810 which looks okay, but can't seem to find a recent copy of the ECMT1020 outline. Would greatly appreciate it if someone could share it with me. Cheers
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    99.85 | 2/3 Unit Maths - Epping - LIMITED spots - Get Ahead!

    99.85 | 2/3 Unit MathS - LIMITED spots - Get Ahead! Hi My name is Yang, a graduate from Baulkham Hills High School. My last group of students have just finished up their HSC and spots have opened up! HSC Results - ATAR 99.85 Mathematics Extension 1 (3U) – 98 HSC Mark Mathematics Extension 2...
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    99.85 ATAR 2013 || FREE Trial || Maths Tutoring for 2U,3U,4U || First Lesson FREE

    99.85 ATAR 2013 || Tutoring for Physics and 2U,3U [spots have opened up] Hi, My name is Yang and I graduated from Baulkham Hills High School with a 2013 ATAR of 99.85. I'm currently enrolled in Commerce/Law at USYD. HSC Results - ATAR 99.85 Mathematics Extension 1 (3U) – 98 HSC...
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    Any benefit in doing B Actuarial Studies/Law ?

    Hi, Just wondering if there is any benefit in doing a law degree with B act studies? What would the workload be like? what jobs would utilise the skills gained from this combination? At this point in time i feel i would find the B Act studies more interesting but i haven't had any...
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    Difference between Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and combined w/ Commerce? Don't you basically choose from the same majors in both options...
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    Geometrical Reasoning

    Hi Is there a document or compilation of the geometrical reasoning accepted in the HSC. (it varies between different schools right?) Thanks
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    Substitutions in inequalities

    Hi, How do substitutions in inequalities work. What's stopping me from making the sub of p=p/1+p, q=q/1+q etc into this
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    Hi When doing limits when are you allowed to apply the condition? Also why is a cusp discontinuous Thanks
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    orbital velocity formula

    How is orbital velocity related to radius Do v=2πr/t. And v=√Gm/r. Contradict?
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    what direction is escape velocity defined in?

    Hi Is escape velocity defined as vertically upwards? If so how does it fit in with newtons cannon thought experiment? Thanks
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    Does taking either up or down as positive change the answer in mechanics?

    Hi, When doing a mechanics question e.g. where a particle is falling, Would taking either up as positive or down as positive change the answer because you will be using different limits? I know the equation you get for acceleration would be the same but would the equation for velocity or...
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    Basic question about chain rule

    Hi, Why can't you use the chain rule for differentiating y=(x+1)^x to find dy/dx? Thanks
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    What jobs for com/law or Eco/law ?

    What fields or jobs do com/law or Eco/law students generally go into after graduation? Thanks
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    Is torque a vector or scalar quantity?

    Hey, Is torque a vector or scalar quantity? if its a vector how do you find direction? Thanks
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    Weird question

    Was doing some past papers and this came up Find the least value of |z| when |z-4-3i| = 3 I tried doing it with triangular inequalities and got a negative soln (got -2 instead of 2) I can do it via an argand diagram, but i can't seem to find a fault in my algebra work. help?
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    Can you tell by looking at the structure of a molecule if it is a heat insultator?

    Can you tell by looking at the structure of a molecule if it is a heat insultator?
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    How many marks lost for not finishing extended?

    Spent too long on short answer so didnt get enough time for extended did question 25 and 28 Basically finished 25 but didnt write conclusion 28 - got up to second last paragraphs analysing limitations of government policy(wrote first sentence :( ) How many marks do you think i lost?
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    Multiple Choice help

    Which statement best describes public goods? (A) They are provided at zero marginal costs. (B) Property rights tend to be easily defined. (C) Their price incorporates social costs. (D) They are non-rival and excludable. From 2010 paper, answers say its a) but i don't understand.
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    Multiple Choice help

    Hey, i was doing some practice papers and came across a few weird questions 1. What would be the likely effect of a rise in the proportion of school leavers going on to tertiary eduction rather than joining the labour force? Answers say there would be a decrease in the labour force...
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    Real interest rates are negative? Case study help

    Hey, i was doing some research on my case study and came across this: real interest rates are negative, as the current inflation rate of 9.7% exceeds the official interest rate of 9%; Can someone explain this to me? What does it mean when real interest rates are negative? and how does...