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  1. SnowFox

    Is this happening to anyone at the moment??

    We are aware of the issue and on the case.
  2. SnowFox

    What have you eaten today?

    Can be proven, I still have the report.
  3. SnowFox

    What car do you drive? (the new one)

    Id make an appearance for that lol.
  4. SnowFox

    Phones, cars, surgery - the new HSC incentives

    My only incentive was to ride my bike longer. Plastic surgery...bloody hell.
  5. SnowFox

    Most expensive P plater car

    And here I am, sitting on my 80hp/210kmh bike. :3
  6. SnowFox

    Pacific Solution conditions violate international humanitarian law: UNHCR

    We could always just shoot or jail them like every other country does.
  7. SnowFox


    This thread. Wow
  8. SnowFox

    What turns you on?

    The belly button would be your undoing.
  9. SnowFox

    How to jailbreak ipod 5g??

    Bahaha. Why jailbreak, better off buying an android if youre gonna do this sort of shit
  10. SnowFox

    Funny Number Plates

    If you say so.
  11. SnowFox

    Funny Number Plates

    You'll need an army.
  12. SnowFox

    Funny Number Plates

    You and what army mate lol.
  13. SnowFox

    Funny Number Plates

    Really, i thought it would be BELLYBTN.
  14. SnowFox

    Funny Number Plates

    Thats not very funny.
  15. SnowFox

    How to get on the Disability Support Pension

    So many fucks...not sure where to give...
  16. SnowFox

    Just bought a galaxy note 2. So how do i get 4G to work??

    Either the carrier doesnt support 4g (it might be h+) Or You havnt turned on LTE
  17. SnowFox

    ALP Leadership Spill 2013

    Im not complaining.
  18. SnowFox

    Learner drivers win reprieve: 120 hours to 80

    Itd be a sad world if powlmao is allowed to drive.
  19. SnowFox

    Learner drivers win reprieve: 120 hours to 80 Unless the course is a pass/fail exam the new scheme obsolete.