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  1. SnowFox

    Learner drivers win reprieve: 120 hours to 80 Unless the course is a pass/fail exam the new scheme obsolete.
  2. SnowFox


    Do we have any Archers here? If so what bow are you currently using and what line of archery do you follow? Bow: Bear Encounter RTH Line: Target and Hunting.
  3. SnowFox

    NSW rego stickers to be scrapped. Your views on this? I for one welcome it, since owning my new bike ive had the label ripped off twice and tampered with once.
  4. SnowFox

    New Rig

    Mobo-Asus Rampage IV CPU-i7 3930 RAM-4x8GB corsair Dom HDD- 2TB Barracuda Green GPU-GTX 590 Gainward CASE-BitFenix Gaming. NET-dlink extreme gaming PSU-Antec true power Quatro 1200w PCCASEGEAR- 3.5K Price is no problem, Y/N in terms of parts/ Gaming Rig.
  5. SnowFox

    Bf3 pc

    Looking for any players that play using teamwork and strategies (Jav/SOFLAM, etc) SnowFox1710
  6. SnowFox

    Gaddafi dead. Herp?
  7. SnowFox

    So TF2...

    ...I heard you like to CRASH.
  8. SnowFox

    Dear BoS Servers.

    Although i know running off one of these: is a somewhat daunting idea, running off 128kb of ram and under 2 MHz of processing speed and all, but i will gladly give you one of these: if you use it to fix your shit. thank you.
  9. SnowFox

    E3 2011

    Well. Im poor now. Halo 4 Halo:CE Anniversary. Ace Combat GR:FW. Minecraft for xbox. Fap.
  10. SnowFox

    ZOMG childporn In a Game! Oh noes, some panties.
  11. SnowFox

    Umm in regards to tile thread in NS

    I think the server killed itself, its displaying me as 1st and 2nd poster.
  12. SnowFox

    Jetstar international/ bonds.. please help

    I need some help on how each financed their expansion.. so for instance what source of funds did bonds factory use to relocte, and what did jetstar use to finance jetstar international. any help on the effectveness of sources of funds for expansion would also be great thanks!.. PLEASE HELP!
  13. SnowFox

    Gaming Usage.

    Been told to fuck off from playing games because apparently went over 6GB usage. I maybe get 3hours per day, two of which are playing COD. So yeah, lol. Anyone else have trouble like this? The cunt drop that said NO MOAR GAMEZ watches videos non stop, and quite frankly, 25MB/5mins is a...
  14. SnowFox

    Had Goths, Emos, and then Vampires, now we have..

    WOLVES!!!! DID YOU MISS THE BUZZ? Teen wolves descend upon San Antonio high schools | | San Antonio News, Weather, Sports, Traffic, Entertainment, Video and Photos
  15. SnowFox

    Why Australia needs a R18 Rating for Games.

    YouTube - R Rating for video games Before any of Ad Infinitum's cunt buddies rock up, pornographic video games would be classed X rated.
  16. SnowFox

    Gow 3

    Tehehehe Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Video Blogs - "Gears of War 3" Video Game World Premiere Trailer: "Ashes to Ashes" - Watch Episodes, Video, and Clips for Free - NBC Official Site
  17. SnowFox


    FUCKING WIN. SA attorney to leave Mike Rann's ministry | The Australian Take that you buck toothed, bible bashing fucktard!
  18. SnowFox

    PC Specs?

    High End Budget System. <$800 Australian. MBd - EP41T- UD3L RAM - 2GB 1600 PATRIOT SIGNATURE HDD - 500GB + 320GB EXTERNAL GPU - INNO3D 1GB 250 GTS CPU - E7500 CSE - Thermaltake V3 MON - 20In TOTAL - $746 Aus. Anyone like?
  19. SnowFox

    Fail store is fail.

    I bought a laptop (Medion-1.97GHzDualCore, 3GBRAM, 9300m G) about half a year ago from a independent business and made sure the warranty was gonna cover everything. About a month ago my laptop fried its GPU, around the same time Pman brought the awesomness of f.lux to our attention (and it...
  20. SnowFox

    AVP Totally Anticipated. Totally APPEALED.

    Oh YES! Classification Database - ALIENS VS PREDATOR (MA 15+) Stick that in your cake hole Michael Atkinson/Ad Infinitum/ Comingupforair.