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    UTS makes compulsory math subject for undergraduates

    Source: Discuss? Particularly those who are planning on heading to UTS in 2016/current UTS students. Should other unis follow?
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    2014 AFL Grand Final

    To be decorated later Swans are through! Discuss
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    Sydney Swans Vs Port Adelaide

    Best two teams in the competition. Game of the Season, discuss.
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    How I Met Your Mother Ending (Spoilers may be contained in this thread)

    Warning: Do not read if you have not finished the series. I just finished watching the final episode. What did everyone think of the ending?
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    One of the best TV series. It's on tonight. Discuss. Right now, Channel 7. Dem feels
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    Counterstrike Global Offensive Thread

    I just love love this game so much it hurts. Talk about anything Counterstrike related here. Dem kids with fast reactions.
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    Zombie Games Suggestion

    I currently play L4D2/1 and KF. I was wondering what other good zombie games are out there for PC? Also there is a really cool zombie game called Dying Light coming in 2014.
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    AFL 2013 Grand Final: Hawthorn V Fremantle

    Note: Moderators, this is different to the other thread I have created. Source: Picture taken from Today is 28th of September 2013 marks the last Saturday of September and that means the AFL Grand Final! Discuss all of today's action in this thread, expecting a cracker of a game...
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    Steam Machine & Steam OS What does everyone think? Will you buy one? Why or why not? How much can we be expected to pay? They are making their third announcement at 3 AM AEST. Will we see the leaked L4D3 or HL3...
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    iOS7. Who is excited?

    Coming in under a week. Who's excited? Discuss anything about iOS 7 here.
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    Is modern politics inherently flawed?

    This is who I'm voting for...
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    AFL Finals Thread

    Hello, thought I would be unbiased and make a special thread for finals discussions for all AFL lovers. Here is the current prediction. So who do you think who will be playing who?
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    2013 Trial Share Thread

    Congratulations for finishing your trials (some of you). Please upload your trial papers (2013) here when you get them back. I will be uploading any I can get my hands on.
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    Round 20: Sydney Swans V Collingwood

    Our mighty Swannies take on Collingwood. Anyone going to that match? Predictions and thoughts? I may be going if anyone wants to tag along.
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal

    Anyone liked Yu-Gi-Oh or still watch it? (old or new series) I've been recently watching the new Zexal series. I found it amazing. Anyone else like it? I've gotten hooked on duelling again.
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    Need new shampoo.

    Hello, I am in search of a new shampoo/shampoo and conditioner (can somebody explain the difference in terms of hair results? I only find that it makes my hair softer). I need a new product because the current product I use isn't working - I am suffering substantial hair loss. Recommendations...
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    Recreational Sport

    Hello I am looking to join a recreational sport (ie non competitive) I have been recommended table tennis but I don't know where I am willing to travel anywhere virtually. Suggestions of places for table tennis? Or if you have other recreational sport suggestions please inform me thank you...
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    Need some song suggestions

    I am into slow pop music (Ballads is it called?). I like K-pop songs. Suggestions?
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    Would you ever do this?

    Were his actions justified or over the top?
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    Looking for a study buddy

    Hello everyone I am looking for a study partner for the following subjects next semester for the following subjects I'm looking for someone or a group of people to have a discussion on the topics I do the following subjects next semester MATH1241 MATH1081 COMP1927 PSYC1011 MATH2400...