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  1. quarkfire

    what does this mean?

    "In the war between falsehood and truth, falsehood wins the first battle and truth the last." -what does that mean in relation to the module telling the truth? (I'm doing the ted hughes/sylvia plath thing)
  2. quarkfire


    Business Studies 2 84/100 81/100 83 5 Chemistry 2 71/100 67/100 69 3 Economics 2 73/100 71/100 72 4 English (Standard) 2 81/100 78/100 80 5 Mathematics 2 76/100 76/100 76 4 Physics 2 82/100 74/100 78 4 is there ANY chance of 85? thanks
  3. quarkfire


    I have a speech in a coupla days on 'imaginative journeys' based on a movie (I chose 'contact'). I'm really really nervous about this cause I REALLY need a good mark-it's worth 20%. My question: do you have any tips for speeches? Like how to stand and stuff? This is tooooo important to stuff up :(
  4. quarkfire

    'nuther prediction

    here are my overall ranks for the year: standard english: 13/117 maths 2u: 14/49 economics: 11/19 business: 16/58 physics: 11/36 chemistry: 9/19 I go to an average public school. What kind of uai am I looking at? Please, be honest.. I can take it :( EDIT: sorry, here are my marks...
  5. quarkfire


    I tried downloading some english resources but I just get a not found page. for eg. I was clicked on the download link for Sherine Eryan in the changing perspectives box and I got this: Not Found The requested URL /courses/english/aos/2002_EngAOS_A_Changing_Perspective_Speech_Christine.pdf...
  6. quarkfire

    why why why????

    I hate to be a complainer but I'm desperate to know: why do I do so badly in physics exams? I like physics but I never do good in it. Okay I don't study that much but I do study the night before, and that's worked for other subjects... why not this one? I got 25/40 for my latest assessment :(...
  7. quarkfire

    little help

    could someone please tell me what assessment & hsc marks I'll need to get a uai >95? I'm doing these subjects: maths 2u standard english physics chemistry business studies economics If it helps, my school is public and doesn't do that great in the hsc usually :(
  8. quarkfire

    listening task

    I have a listening task in about a week and I need help!! we have to listen to a war letter and wilfred owen's poem "dulce et decorum est" then write an essay on it. What I don't get is the essay question: "Identity, explain and assess techniques used within and between each text" What...
  9. quarkfire

    don't understand ranks

    how exactly do "progressive ranks" work in school assesment? I mean, is each progressive rank an average of previous ranks? or marks? or am I way off here? Also, does your rank change differently depending on how much weighting the assesment had? Please explain this I'm really really confused!
  10. quarkfire

    repeating hsc at tafe?

    I'm still doing hsc this year, but I was thinking of doing it again at tafe if I (please no please no) get a low uai this year! How practical is this option? Can you apply to all university courses from tafe or are you limited to a certain number? Is it better to repeat at tafe or school? Any...
  11. quarkfire

    uai prediction

    these are my ranks since half yearlies. could you please tell me what kind of uai I'd be able to get with these? I'm hoping for 90+ (I think it's unlikely :( If I improve my rank to, say, 1st-3rd in each subject, what would my uai be? english - 13/118 physics- 10/38 chem - 5/19 math -...