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    I'm in trouble...
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    Using lyrics

    Generally... If you're doing poems, don't do music. Clips are better than songs (visual to support the lyrical) In terms of techniques/discussing the song: try to talk about pacing, emphasis provided by the music on the words supporting emotions behind a song are more important than...
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    Key words & phrases for a good essay!

    NOTE: HSC English is only wankery and cliched if you let it. More importantly, to get good marks and actually state that it is wankery or cliched in an essay you need to know what you're doing. I'm guessing, as you're all here posting in the week before an exam, talking about phrases, you need...
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    Are physical changes to a sample destructive testing?

    Yes, as it cannot be returned to its original state.
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    Has anyone noticed with Emma and Clueless

    There's still a need to have one, just in case they leave you with a question that requires it. Mind you, since the two stories are just the same, contextually shifted some two to three centuries apart I fail to see what there is to be worried about anyway. EG: (Off the top of my head and in...
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    HSC suicides and depression

    I know several people that did... Some got over it, some are still a mess. The story, however, shall end there and details will be left alone. It's just proof that people need to look out for people. If you see someone struggling, even if you "hate" them, go talk to them. Check they're...
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    storm scene - king lear

    It can also be seen as a representation of King Lear's rejection of his "divine power." I still think the "storm raging outside shows us what we can't see inside" approach is the way to go, but it all depends on your reading...
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    upcoming exam? are u ready?

    I have Elton, Fogel and Finley for the historegraphical issue... I've got a few others up my sleeves but those guys cover both sides and the middle ground, so they'll be the main guns... As for the Case Study (Tacitus) ... we'll see how it goes.
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    Softwares over! How'd we all go?

    I finished at 2:20... that exam was a joke. It was possibly the easiest thing I've ever sat =\
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    Hate to post on something a month old, but it needs to be said... Modules are loaded. A sub program or a form is a module... so it would be brought to life with something such as CALL End Just a thought.
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    greek world 500-440 BC

    I see absolutely no point in lowering myself to name calling... if you want to be immature, go to the non-school area. As for the rest of your post, knock your ego down a few notches... As for the list, they're historians that use the spelling, if you want to rant, back it up... you might...
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    greek world 500-440 BC

    Your audacity shows your stupidity, and not much else. If I recall correctly, Pamela Bradly isn't a historian... so your grasp on reality might be slipping. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt over Oswyn Murray, Sir Moses Finley, Sir Geoffrey Elton, Robert Fogel, Paul Cartledge and many...
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    The Problem of Pamela Bradley

    Just to make a few points... No more than you can Pamela Bradley... I'd go with calling a text-book writer a historian... I'm fairly sure she was saying that Pamela Bradley isn't a historian... how about you go ask a year 7 history teacher if she is... A historian has an opinion. She...
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    Useful Quotes and Notes

    [Historiography] Useful Quotes and Notes I'm hoping others can contribute to this, but here's what I've got so far... Notes: The closest word for truth that the Greeks had was "alēthēs", which meant ‘not forgetting’ or ‘being in a state of not forgetting.’ Very few historical...
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    Case Study: Tacitus

    I was just wondering how many of you were doing the case study on Tacitus, and if you knew anything remotely useful for it :P
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    Help with software questions....

    A file specification explains to the computer what the file does or is for. In the Macintosh Operating system a seperate file is saved as .FILENAME in the same directory as FILENAME. The file specification explains what program should open the file. Example: Executable (.exe) files are...
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    The Problem of Pamela Bradley

    I wouldn't use it... that is if you want to pass... shes not a historian... And yes, burn her... burn all her books... btw. I'm not allowed to even mention her name is class anymore or I get shouted at by the class and teacher... note for you all: don't abuse her too loudly.
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    Desktop problems ...

    Ok. Windows has something called ACTIVE DESKTOP. Active Desktop makes your background a Webpage...
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    How do I play online gaming with a friend, I have a wireless ROUTER as well.

    You need to open your router's config (its netgear, so it probably has an HTTP server in it, so its most likely and forward the ports to your PC... You'll need to setup a STATIC IP on your PC for this to work well (DHCP leases expire and your IP will then change...). If any of...
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    msn spaces

    MS don't own linux (if thats what you're saying) (( to me its _VERY_ unclear ))... As for influence... MS: Doesn't have all that much (compared to what people think) Linux: Has a fair amount on the way web servers go IMHO... I wouldn't use an MS 2k3 server, or any other server, over...