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    parking at parramatta

    hey i was hoping that someone could tell me what the parking is like and its worth buying the blue permit to park on campus, because i have heard even with the blue permit u have no guarantee of getting a spot?
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    Trail papers

    hey does anyone have trail papers they are willign to share with us
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    lorenz curve

    who else missed that we had to actually draw on the lorenz curve for one of the questions :(
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    Teacher's Presents

    hey guys as you all know graduation is approaching very shorly and i was wondering what be the best present to get for your favorite teacher any suggestions
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    does any one know the main ideas of keynesian theory i am haveing trouble understanding it any help would be great
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    results of 2012 independent trail

    share your results here. i got 87 and was highest in my class
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    Physic's textbooks

    My teacher told us that the different textbooks have diffrent quality of information on diffrent sections. i was wondering which textbook is the best for physics or should i use a combination of them all ?
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    Atar estimate for a friend :)

    My friend is on BOS but he is to embarrassed to get an estimate for himself school rank: 325ish mathamatics: 6/10 (48% in 1/2 yearly) english: 48/85(~55 in 1/2 yearly) physics: 6/12(~50 in 1/2 yearly) business: 7/30(~70 " ") legal: 15/30(~65 " " ) he is woried that he is going...
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    2012 HSC 1st assesment mark

    hey we have just finished our first assesment for math ext1 and i got 48/50 share your marks here
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    economics textbooks

    does any one have any good electronic economics text books if so could they please PM me so we can work something out thanks:smile:
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    business studies HSC

    hey does anyone have good notes for the operations topic in the new syslabus if anyone gets some could you please send me them thanks for all your help