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  1. J

    85+ Still Possible? Atar Estimate

    Well due to personal reasons I bombed out on trials so my ranks got ruined but if I gun out in External exams (which I know I am capable of) can I still achieve 85+? 79/179 Advanced English 44/96 General Mathematics 40/44 Biology 66/93 Business Studies 36/43 Economics School Rank...
  2. J

    Is 90+ atar still possible? Bad Internals

    Hey so here are my ranks for internals. NOTE: My school is ranked approx top 60 Biology 35/44 Economics 35/43 Business Studies 50/100 Adv Eng 70/176 Maths General 20/89 I am NOT trying to be arrogant, but for externals i know i am well capable of getting 90+ in all these subjects except...