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    Transfer to optometry UNSW

    Just wondering does anyone know the process of transferring from B of Vision Science to B of Vision Science/Clinical Optometry internally in UNSW? Is it hard and what do you need? Thanks
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    Umat med-entry group discount

    Hey i need people ASAP to join a group discount on MedEntry for the Platinum Package! You save $300 and get great UMAT resources. Please inbox me asap!
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    UMAT People Needed for Group

    do you still have room??
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    UMAT 2018 Medentry Platinum Group Discount

    Hey are you still looking for people to join?
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    MedEntry Group Discount

    Hey I need people to form a group for the MedEntry Platinum Package group discount! Let me know asap if you want to join Please email simk5313@gmail.com