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  1. daiesk

    Orientation Week 2006

    Re: 0rientation Week lol so who knows if you have to be over 18 to enter the party place?
  2. daiesk

    Arts (Lang) - Psych major?

    hey there :) ok with ur first question about fitting in psych as a major, yep thats possible because according to that brochure we got when we enroled ( u know the one about our particluar courses with all the details) we can complete up to 60 credit points in a Part B course and so since...
  3. daiesk

    where to buy "boho" jewellery

    lol.. wow i didnt expect so many replies but thanks so much guys.. so enthusiatic! :)
  4. daiesk

    Tony Takitani (Murakami adaptation)

    Norwegian Wood was also the first one I read and yeh, I definitely recommend it. There's something really melancholy about it and really beautiful.. the way Murakami writes it... or maybe its the translation? lol
  5. daiesk

    where to buy "boho" jewellery

    hey guys i was wondering whether u know of any places where i can buy "boho chic" jewellery or any necklaces that have that rustic, ethnic tinge to it if u know what i mean? thanks :)
  6. daiesk

    Reasons for using intermediaries in distribution

    its a syllable dot point i have zip notes on :P could anyone help me out with a few reasons? thanks :)
  7. daiesk

    Speaking Day Sydney 17th June ???

    details? ooh that sounds interesting and something thatd be really helpful.. um do u have the details?
  8. daiesk

    Donnie Darko as a related text?

    yeh i think that donnie darko is an excellent text to do as a supp.. lol im so jealous! haha i wanted to do DD for my inner journeys supp text but ive decided not to cos my prescribed text life is beautiful is a film so to do anotherf ilm would really reflect "a variety of texs"... but anyway...
  9. daiesk

    2004 HSC essay question

    for anyone who has access to last years HSC exam question for Crine Fiction: what was it? ive been trying to open the 2004 paper via the BOS site but theres an error..ekkkk! lol :) thanks heaps
  10. daiesk

    intransitive and transitive verbs

    one thing thats been bothering me are these two terms ..>! could someone explain them to me and their differences and also whats the diff btwn atsmeru and atsumaru.. they both mean to gather/to collect but ones vt and the other is vi or something... ekkkkk lol really appreciate it :)
  11. daiesk

    Political Managemt Theory - Clarify pls?

    atm im completely confused about this whole concept of political management theory... could someone explain it to me pls? and also, is it concerned with the use of power and influence by the managers only... or it is also referring to the power and influence exerted by exeternal parties? thanx :)
  12. daiesk

    is your teacher japanese?

    lol..trivial question but hey..im curious
  13. daiesk


    i think you actually get marked down if you do that..like i know that for japanese they use chinese characters (kanji) for some words like "school" and "name" etc..but theres subtle differences in the line directions i remember i once wrote the chinese style character for "school" but my...
  14. daiesk

    ETA Area Of Study Day

    the 2nd guys actually a teacher at my school and no, hes not gay...didnt you hear the laptop was hacked into?
  15. daiesk

    degree in a day

    its at sydney uni in two weeks time... and yeh i think your careers adviser should have some info on it