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    Transfer of bonus points?

    So currently i am studying Medical Science at UTS and wanted to transfer to a different course within the university. I was talking to the student centre a while back and they said, they could either use my atar or use my current GPA. I was wondering if the the bonus points i received at the...
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    Can i put my GLEP offer last in UAC

    So i got a GLEP offer for medical science but i was wondering if i could put it as my last preference and aim for extremely high courses in my previous preferences
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    (Help) Global Leadership Entry Program

    So I got an offer from GLEP yesterday for Medical Science and marks for year 11 was really bad here are my ranks and marks: Chemistry: Score: 53/100 Rank: 15/21 Engineering Studies: Score: 55/100 Rank: 8/17 English Advanced: Score: 57/100 Rank: 40/61 Legal Studies: Score: 77/100 Rank: 14/39...