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    Free Electives

    Hey, I want to do B Science/B Engineering (Honours), starting 2020. Say I get in. How much free electives will I get? I want a fair bit to complete units in Chinese Language but will I have to get a Diploma in Languages concurrently?
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    Should I drop Mathematics Extension 2?

    Hello, everyone Today, I have received my results from Task 1 of Mathematics Extension 2, where I have performed poorly. My mark was 30/47, which is approximately 64%. I am most likely ranked 45th or below/51 people. However, I have basically destroyed everyone (including other Extension 2...
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    Desperate for tips

    Hello, fellow sufferers! I have been having serious issues with English Advanced, and I am desperate for tips. For the last assessment task, I spent hours on it, putting in considerable effort, only to end up with an 11/20 (TT). This was a hand-in 1000-word essay on A Simple Plan and The...
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    Hating my subjects and idek what to do

    Second week of Year 12 and i am already getting headaches from most of my classes. During the course of Year 11, I started to hate many of the subjects I have selected. I did: - English ADV - Mathematics ADV + EX1 - Physics - Chemistry - Software Des. & Dev. - Engineering Studies I am...
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    Lost passion

    Back in Junior School, I was very passionate about STEM. Therefore, i picked these subjects: English ADV Mathematics EX1 (moving to EX2) Chemistry Physics Engineering Studies Software Design & Development The problem is, as I progressed through Year 11, I have lost passion for all these...
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    Can I change subjects?

    I am currently doing: English ADV Mathematics ADV + EX1 Chemistry Physics Engineering Studies Software Design & Development Next term, I will start the Year 12 course. I will pretty much 100% pick up Mathematics EX2 I will 100% drop SDD Now, my school will not let me drop down to 10...
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    Who is also feeling suicdal

    I am completely f***ed for prelims and thus HSC and I want to f***ing kill myself already. What do i f***ing do cuz I am too scared to do suicide (Cause Physical pain - A noose is gonna hurt like f*** and so will a knife in my f***ing abdomen).
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    What would you do if you could redo year 11?

    I currently do: English Advanced Mathematics 3U Chemistry Physics Software D&D Engineering Studies I feel like I should have done: English Advanced Mathematics 3U Chemistry Biology Physics Engineering Studies Chinese Beginners (Open High School)
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    Engineering Materials

    Hello, I am a Year 11 studying Engineering Studies as one of my subjects. I really need help with the things on Engineering Materials in Modules 1 to 4. I don't understand much of it.
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    Who else hates this sub? (SDD)

    I was good at IST in Year 9 & 10. I selected SDD in Year 11. Result: F*** it all the way. Will drop as soon as Year 12 starts lol.
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    Foundation Programme

    Hello. I am a Year 11 Normo who is currently dying. I do these subjects: English Advanced (107th/131) Mathematics 3U (23rd/110) Physics (17th/79) Chemistry (71st/105 incl. 30 Accel. Year 10's) SDD (10th/20) Engineering (10th/24) As you can see I am only doing well in 2 subjects - maths...
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    I messed up subject selection!

    I am a Normo that does these sub. English ADV Mathematics 3U Chemistry Physics Software D & D Engineering Studies I regret my choices. I am only happy with maths and phys. I cant cope with Adv. english and should've stayed at Chatswood. Chemistry I absolutely am failing. I hate...
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    Languages not offered

    Hey what language (that is not currently offered in the HSC) should have a course? I think Esperanto is good, but...
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    Studying abroad to Asia

    Alright, I am a Year 11 Normanhurst Boys' High School Student (thus will graduate in 2019). I am currently studying the following subjects: English Advanced (Forced) Mathematics Extension 1 (Will move to Extension 2) Chemistry Physics Software Design & Development (Might Drop)...
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    Should Maths and Science be compulsory?

    Plz write your opinions. Only pick one each from Maths and Science. "Other" can count as either, or both.
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    Should I drop down to Standard later?

    Hey guys. I am an Year 11 student that has just joined Normanhurst BHS. I am currently forced to study Advanced. I simply suck at it. Now, at the beginning of Year 12, I am thinking about dropping down to Standard. Should I do it, even though doing so means distance education for English? Here...
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    Why is everyone so trash at maths?

    Why? Just Why? Mathematics is just logic. As far as you don't do 4U, it stays as logic. And yet 99% of Australia is trash at maths. I mean, what is so hard about it? I am almost about to lose hope in humanity because of this. I mean, most Asian countries mandate the equivalent of 2U Maths...
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    How do you even English?

    I honestly think English is impossible. I despise those who think English is the easy AF when they also think Maths is hard AF. I mean... How do you even do it? To me English is advanced witchery. I need help urgently.
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    POLL/OPINION: Does English even help???

    Ok, let me get this clear. I never liked English and by Year 8, lost all point of doing it. I still tried though. At Year 10, I was so bad I got a C in the subject when I legitimately had a good teacher. (I am doing Advanced only because I am moving to Normanhurst Boys) The thing is, what the...
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    Which school is better?

    Hey! I am currently in Year 10 and I have applied for 3 selective schools this year. Of these, I got into 2 of these schools. Which should I accept? The schools I have been accepted into are Normanhurst Boys High School and NBSC Manly Selective Campus. I want you to not only take into account...