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    Marking Legal Studies essays

    Since uni is pretty much over and there's a few months of break I'm offering essay marking for Legal Studies again (for free). I'm also willing to mark short answer responses for HR (but no non-conventional response types like HR or Crime short answers pls) Credentials: HSC mark 95 94/96 split...
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    Guide to Legislation, Cases, and Media Reports (LCMR)

    I've received quite a lot of PMs regarding Legal Studies so I thought I might as well make a guide on what I deem the most important part of extended responses. Introduction LCMRs are essential to adequately answer extended responses in Legal Studies, being primarily used to support your...
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    Examine's Legal raw marks

    As the title says MC - 18/20 Short Answer - 15/15 Crime essay - 13/15 (fuck) Consumers essay - 22.5/25 Family essay - 23.5/25 Raw mark - 92/100 External mark - 96/100
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    Selling Legal Studies notes (95) and 15 Economics essay plans (91) | 98.1 ATAR

    Hey guys, I completed the HSC in 2013 receiving and ATAR of 98.1 and a HSC mark of 95 for Legal Studies and HSC Mark of 91 for Economics as seen below. Legal Studies: So currently I'm selling my Legal Studies notes, which includes: - Syllabus notes for Crime - Syllabus notes for Human...
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    Answering a microeconomic policy extended response

    I was wondering how you would structure an essay for microeconomic policy. So would you start a new paragraph for each policy, show its relationship with the achievement of the economic objectives then provide data and statistics to back it up? or Would you do something like Macroeconomic...
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    Thoughts: CSSA Legal Studies

    I personally thought the questions were pretty generic overall. Other than the crime question which weirded me about a bit everything was fine.
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    Exploring Case Studies

    What I really enjoyed during my time doing the HSC for Business Studies is finding out about information for businesses which differ from your usual Qantas and Crumpler case studies. ITT: We'll discuss how businesses other than your conventional choices incorporate different syllabus dot...
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    Business Studies Past Papers and Advice Thread

    Below you will find links to new syllabus past papers from various schools as well as some tips from band 6 and state ranking students from the 2012 HSC cohort. Advice from Band 6 achievers: Drifting95 (Received a mark of 95): - The case study only contributes a small amount to your overall...
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    Business Studies Directory Thread

    This thread provides the links to any thread in this sub-forum that will be of use to any Business Studies student. If I am missing out on anything just leave a post here and I'll update the thread Notes: New syllabus notes with case studies by mitchellwright8 [BAND 6] New syllabus notes by...
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    Referencing media articles

    When referencing media articles and statistics, would it be acceptable to just reference the article's title, the news paper that published it, and the year that it was published? Or do you have to be more specific and provide the month and day? (or even just the month) Thanks in advanced.
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    MBA v. M Comm

    So my cousin is thinking of doing a masters degree in Australia and currently he can't apply for an MBA at USYD or UNSW, though he can at Macquarie. However, he can apply for M Comm at USYD and UNSW. What is the difference between the two degrees, and which option do you recommend him choosing?
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    The use of media articles for Human Rights

    So in the actual HSC, the HR topic is present in the multiple choice and short answers. Is it expected that you integrate media articles into your responses to the short answers?
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    Examine's Business Raw Marks

    MC - 16/20 Short Answers - 37/40 Section III 13.5/20 (fuck) Section IV 18/20 Raw mark: 84.5 Aligned mark: 91
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    Reasons for differences between nations - Topic 1

    I've noticed that Riley, Dixon and Bulmer have all given completely different takes for this. What is the extent to which the HSC exam can ask a question about this (5 mark short answer, extended response, etc) and which textbook is preferred for this point?
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    General Discussion of Business Studies

    Let's try bring the Business Studies section back to life :) Discuss anything related to Business Studies here. This can range from your opinions of the course and just general issues regarding assignments, the 2012 HSC exam or just the subject overall (which will be answered by previous...
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    Ranks for 97+ ATAR

    School rank: ~160 Subjects: Advanced English /~100 MX1 /~60 MX2 /20 Economics /17 Legal Studies /~60 Completed: Business Studies - 93 Thanks in advanced.
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    Best Economics textbook

    If you only allowed to pick one textbook to use, which one would it be?
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    TSFX Summer School 2013

    Hey guys. So I recently received a pamphlet for these lectures and were wondering if they are worth going to (and if not are there any other places which would do a pretty good job). At the moment I am looking at going to the MX1, MX2 and Economics courses. Any reviews/criticisms would be...
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    All-Asian Mall

    http://aca.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8560691 lol