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    paper hard or easy??

    ok well conisdering my stress level entering the exm (failed maths so oh crap gotta count ees) and the fact that i had crammed for a day and a half for this exam (yep leanring an entire years worht of work in a day and a half is always fun) i was remarkably happy with how i went. except grrr...
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    amazingly true

    AN ODE TO REVISON (sung to the tune of I Will Survive) > > At first I was afraid, I was petrified! > Kept thinking I could never pass without >revision guides, > > But then I spent so many nights, getting >all the questions wrong, > And I grew strong, > And I learned how to...
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    Hands up if ur SCREWED 4 this exam

    ok well as it it now 6 days to go till EEs hands up if ur slighlty screwed!! and also why? well besides the lack of teacher...and lack of textbook (oh so exxciting we got our text book in june and its crap) lack of notes lack of support. also the fact our class has 10 ppl (the sad thing...