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  1. cssu0425

    What WAM needed to internally transfer into Commerce?

    Asking on behalf of a friend who is a 1st year Arts student and is considering transferring into Commerce. Thoughts and knowledge? Thanks. <realised this was supposed to be in the UNSW thread so sorrryyy>
  2. cssu0425

    Thoughts on COMM1000

    Just looking at options for 2nd year Commerce, has anyone taken COMM1000 and what are your thoughts on it? Is the subject difficult?
  3. cssu0425

    thoughts/experiences on 2U UNSW bridging course done with TAFE?

    i'm starting 2u bridging course this week, just wanted to know if anyone has done it - what is it like? how much study is expected before sem 1 begins? all the course material are relevant and useful?
  4. cssu0425

    Help!! Should I add another compulsory core for Commerce?

    I'm a first year and I'm mega confused about what is required for Commerce. I've referred to the handbook and still don't understand. I asked a friend how many comp cores to enrol in and she said to do 1 since I'm doing Comm/PR and it may be heavy if I add a 2nd one. I have another friend who's...
  5. cssu0425

    Preferences (... and EAS) --> is it worth putting Combined Law as a preference????

    I posted a thread about doing Combined Commerce (96.3) earlier on. I have an ATAR that is between 89-90 and I have the help of EAS & 2 HSC Plus pts. My circumstances include H01B & F01D. I...
  6. cssu0425

    How to get a job at KMART???? + alternative PT/casual jobs to take during uni?

    I've been working at Maccas for about 3+ years now, I've finished my HSC and I'm looking to move on from #maccaslyf. I am looking to quit but I can't until I find another job. I've set my sights for Kmart ever since I've considered quitting, I applied online EVEN during my senior years and got...
  7. cssu0425

    Comm/Eco VS. Comm/Media (PR + Advertising)

    Considering if I get into Combined Commerce with Bonus + EAS, I'm in a pickle... I don't know which one to do - A part of me wants to do Comm/Eco but then I have a huge interest in media, and I'm swaying towards Comm/PR. However, I had a friend who studied Media (Journalism) at UNSW and...
  8. cssu0425

    UNSW - estimate of EAS points

    Hello, I wanna do Commerce or Combined Commerce at UNSW, it's 96.3, but my ATAR is around 6 - 7 points short from the cutoff. UNSW stacks max 10 points across EAS & HSC PLUS, I already got 2 from PLUS bc of band 5 english, so I need at least 5 points from EAS to meet the cut off (although it...