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  1. seremify007

    y10 work exp (any fields, desperate)

    I'd say alot of firms are probably a bit more careful nowadays since work exp offers negligible benefits in the short term but is full of risk for them. I did work exp at a big 4 firm back in my time thanks to my neighbour being a partner but I don't think that would happen again in this day and...
  2. seremify007

    IPT NOTES!!!

    Truth be told I don't think that changes the 'chill' piece. Besides if you are that eager to do well in an HSC subject, you probably are better off writing your own notes (and doing the exercises in the book). At least that was my approach back in the day ;)
  3. seremify007

    Federal Election May 18

    Even before the polls, I’ve always thought that the polls are inherently biased in their sample because the sample that they can poll already are part of a certain segment of the population (i.e. those who are willing and able to be polled), and hence they are not representative of the full...
  4. seremify007

    IPT NOTES!!!

    aren't there resources hosted somewhere on BoS?
  5. seremify007

    Interstellar Thread

    I am slowly catching up on Big Bang Theory but I was so amazed that Kip Thorne was in a recent episode!
  6. seremify007

    If I get good marks in IPT does that mean I will be good at IT?

    I’ve posted this before but worth reiterating that the skills/thinking which I learnt in IPT have proven to be extremely useful in my line of work - accounting and finance. Working with financial institutions to meet growing regulatory requirements, the huge focus is on data. Having some...
  7. seremify007

    The Pay Thread

    Effort =/= reward
  8. seremify007

    Commerce degree with computer science or math/statistics?

    It's not so much about what you learn but what it says about your ability to learn and apply challenging quantitative concepts with ease. Similarly SDD (and CS) is about the logic and thought process vs. the typical fluff (or soft skills) many Commerce grads would typically focus on.
  9. seremify007

    Which degree should i choose

    I'd challenge your understanding of what a "financial stockbroker" does. We are in a post royal commission era where a lot of the traditional roles are quickly being wiped out.
  10. seremify007

    What should I do with my life?

    What are they and which ones do you do better in (in terms of marks/reward to effort ratio)?
  11. seremify007

    Commerce degree with computer science or math/statistics?

    How strong are you at math/quant? Plenty of roles nowadays love the combination of commerce with quants or some form of science/logic-based subject given the direction the world is heading, but the question is what are you better at doing?
  12. seremify007

    Do unis care about participation in school events (carnivals) when considering accepting you

    Normal entry/courses: no Scholarships/anything requiring an interview: maybe
  13. seremify007

    Truth about BIT Co-op

    Same thing as accounting cadetships. Most employers try to weed it out during the interviews though to see if the candidates really actually want the job/cadetship vs just doing it as a backup. When I was in your shoes it used to frustrate me greatly that there were people applying who had no...
  14. seremify007

    UBS Cadetship 2019?

    I think most employers still use a form of SHL test of which there's plenty of both free and paid resources available out there to help you 'practice' what is in there. They say they can't be studied for but like all things, a bit of practice still helps remove some of the unfamiliarity during...
  15. seremify007

    UTS Bachelor of Accounting Co-op Scholarship

    Feels like every year we get a new new account posting a nearly identical post on the BAcc program.
  16. seremify007

    Horologists? Anyone on here interested in Luxury Watches?

    I'm still rocking the Apple Watch Series 4 which my wife got me to replace my Series 0. Unfortunately I don't personally appreciate luxury watches. I considered getting a Tag Connected but decided it was neither a good luxury watch or a smartwatch.
  17. seremify007


    Disagree wholeheartedly as an audit practitioner. Depending on which sector you're working in and which industry group you're covering, the role can be quite varied and draw on lots of other disciplines. It also requires a different skillset to learn/challenge rather than just execute.
  18. seremify007

    Accounting Degree

    Finance is most common as it has some natural synergies but on the other hand, it's become a bit too common. I'd challenge status quo and wonder if one of the other disciplines like sociology may potentially be more relevant to forensic accounting and be a point of differentiation.
  19. seremify007

    Any Investment Bankers Here?

    this. or they're old and don't actively post anymore.