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  1. 123delirious

    Frontline - Which episodes are you doing?

    Just wanted to know which of the 'Frontline' episodes are the most popular. Which episode/s are you guys going to write about in the exam on Monday? I hope they're not cruel and name a specific episode :mad: I'm going to do 'Add Sex and Stir' and 'The Siege'
  2. 123delirious

    Related text query - The Red Tree and Michael Leunig

    Would it be too childish if I use Shaun Tan's "The Red Tree" and a cartoon by Michael Leunig? They're both basically analysing images and not language techniques, but both show an imaginative journey. Thanks :)
  3. 123delirious

    Out-of-Africa vs Theory of Regional Continuity

    I've read over my teachers notes and other resources but I still don't understand these two models. Can someone explain what they are and evidence that supports these two models? Thanks :)