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    Essay Structure?! Help!

    Hey, One of my extended responses in Paper 2 (for my trials) is going to be on a set of 7 prescribed poems, and the question will most likely ask us to refer to two of them. I was wondering whether it would be a mistake for me to do only two body paragraphs as I have quotes and information on...
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    Yeah, I didn't include the dot point. That part is basically just as the title says, the ways in which interpretations have changed over time - what was thought about the artefacts and remains back then vs what is thought about them now. Shouldn't be too much!
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    Check out the resources I posted. There are syllabus specific Pompeii notes that cover everything.
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    90+ ATAR?

    Thank you
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    Biology vs History for a High ATAR? What I like vs what I’m good at.

    You should just do whatever you enjoy more (but still take into consideration the subjects that could be prerequisites for your degree). I'm doing Ancient History, currently in Year 12, and it's not really as heavy as people say. Don't worry too much about scaling, just do what you enjoy more...
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    90+ ATAR?

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    90+ ATAR?

    Hey, I'm going to sit the trials soon, was wondering if I'd be able to finish the HSC with a Band 6 for Business Studies if I got 90% in trials and the external exam. Also, is it possible for me to get a 90-92 ATAR with these marks, what should I be improving? and how much of a factor are my...
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    2020 HSC subject scaling

    Consider what you like more as well because you'll probably do better in the HSC for the subject that you prefer studying for
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    10 or 11 units? HSC

    History Extension is pretty content heavy, depends on how much time you want to devote to your study and whether you are really interested in it
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    UOW Degree Advice !?!?!?

    Hey, I'm currently in Year 12, and I'm quite interested in Finance. I was wondering what the level of Mathematics would be like in a Bachelor of Finance & Mathematics. The assumed knowledge is Mathematics Advanced, and the recommended studies is Mathematics Extension 1. However, I only do...
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    Talent 100 ATAR Calculator

    Works for me lol
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    SPARTAN SOCIETY (2019 NEW SYLLABUS) (Specific Notes) (Well Formatted)

    SPARTAN SOCIETY (2019 NEW SYLLABUS) (Specific Notes) (Well Formatted) FOCUS OF STUDY
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    “Assess the impact of The Persian Wars on Athens and Sparta.”

    HISTORICAL ANALYSIS - ASSESSMENT TASK “Assess the impact of The Persian Wars on Athens and Sparta.” Band 6 response.
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    Atar estimate please !!

    Hey, I'm just looking for an ATAR estimation. I've tried the online ones, but I've seen others getting people from this website to estimate. Subject // Weighted Average // Rank Ancient History // 91.1% // 2/21 Business Studies // 81.6% // 7/35 Croatian Continuers // 91.36% // 3/10...
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    Could someone estimate my ATAR please !!!

    Ohhh okay, it's ranking 146th
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    Could someone estimate my ATAR please !!!

    Hey bro, What do you mean my school rank? Isn't that what I listed above? Thanks