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    tell me more about UBS cadetship qs

    tell me more about UBS cadetship qs
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    UBS Cadetship 2010

    What are the questions? I am sooo afraid to try them out...
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    UBS Cadetship 2010

    can u guys tell me what your questions were like? thanks guys
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    hard Sequence and Series Question!!

    1 = 1 3 = 1+2 6 = 1 + 2 + 3 10 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 30th number will be 30/2 (2 + 29 x 1 ) = 465
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    in a bad situation atm!! >_> need some advice =(

    Don't worry, it won't happen.
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    Your contribution towards maths

    Thanks for the great contritbution, mate.
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    Which one is harder-SC or HSC?

    Your logic is interesting. Because nearly anyone can pass the HSC as well. In HSC, they rarely give out aligned marks below 50. (if that's what you assume it to be "pass") Only few one digit per cent of the entire cohort gets something below 50 aligned marks.
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    subjects u did which didnt count, did u regret doing it?

    Very interesting. Your mark in VA would have been fairly high (assuming that you got Band E4 for Mathematics Extension 2 because you are doing a Distinction Course). Are you the one who state-ranked in Visual Arts (9th from what I see) from Kambala?
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    Your contribution towards maths

    How much do you spend on each maths (in terms of percentage/hour of your whole study time/maths study time): 4 unit maths 3 unit maths 2 unit maths Example: 1. 4 unit maths = 1 hour = 20 % of my whole study time = 50% of my maths study time 2. 3 unit maths = 1 hour = 20 % of...
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    Shoalhaven High bonus UAI points

    It's important to note that "bonus" UAI is not actually added on to your UAI. As suggested above, it just increases the applicant's ability to get into the desired course.
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    Explanation of HSC Marks (Moderating)

    Yes, it has been generally accepted by many evidences gathered from this website & from my own experience that aligned marks are higher than raw HSC exam marks.