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    e4 cut-off?

    whats the cutoff gonna be? I was thinking maybe 73 raw.
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    ATAR Estimate

    just wondering if i can receive and atar estimate. School Ranks: 70s Physics: 4/72 Chemistry: 9/54 English Advanced: 22/80 Maths 3u: 17/73 (did shit in one exam and rank dropped) Maths 4u: 11/28 Engineering Studies: 4/29 If i perform well in externals is it still possible for an...
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    Using pencils for diagrams???

    hey just wondering if we can use pencil/pacers for our diagrams? (like for sciences and maths) I've heard somewhere that the markers don't like this, so should we use pen?
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    HELP needed for chem

    hey BOS I'm really starting to freak out with chem cause I really bummed out in the half-yearlies. I estimate my rank to be between 25-35/60 and we usually get around 10-13 b6's every year. I still have 60% of my weighting still left so is there any way you think that i can bring up my...