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    How do Human Experiences challenge assumptions?

    Our school is having an assessment task focusing on "how depictions of human experiences challenge assumptions or ignite new ideas" for any chosen text and honestly, I'm really stuck. I can't think of any kind of thesis and frankly, I don't understand how human experiences DO challenge...
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    Volumes of Revolution Help

    I got this question as part of my homework: "Find the volume generated when the curve y=e^{x} between x=0.5 and x=1.5 is rotated about the x-axis." (So correct me if I'm wrong, but the equation is V= \pi \int_{0}^{1.5} e^{2x} dx - \pi \int_{0}^{0.5} e^{2x} dx , right?) Going by the above...
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    Exponential and Log Function Question Help

    Hi! There's a question I've been quite confused about in the Fitzpatrick textbook: "Calculate the area bounded by y=e^x, the coordinate axes and the textbook at x=2" The working out I did: Area = \int_{0}^{2} (e^x-e^2(x-1)) dx =[e^x-\frac{1}{2}x^2e^2+xe^2]2/0 =e^2-1 I shortened...
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    Induction Help

    So I came across this induction question and am quite stuck mid-way. The question is: Prove that 2^n + 1 is divisible by 3 for all odd integers n So far, I have this working out done: 1. To prove: 2^n - 1 = 3M, where M \in \mathbb{Z} Prove true for n=1 LHS = 2^1 + 1 = 3 which is...
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    Parametrics Help

    Hi! So I came across this question in a past paper and I can't seem to figure it out. It goes like this: The distinct points P(2ap, ap^2) and Q(2aq, aq^2) lie on the parabola x^2=4ay . The points P and Q are constrained to move such that QR \perp PR where R is the fixed point (2a...
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    Shift in Perspective

    For our assessment, we have to write 3 pieces of writing, a personal essay, a creative piece and a persuasive piece of writing, for a portfolio and the creative writing is based off of 'a shift in perspective.' So, uhhh... what exactly is a 'shift in perspective'? Our teacher just told us...
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    How to set out Essay?

    Our class was set an essay with the question "‘Through their portrayal of human experiences, texts challenge individuals to see the world differently.’ Discuss this statement in relation to The Merchant of Venice." How would you set this essay out in terms of arguments? I was planning on doing...
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    Is my related text alright?

    For the common module, our school is required to find a related text to The Merchant of Venice (though it doesn't necessarily need to be connected to the themes in TMOV) that explores, to some extent, these questions: 1. Which individual or collective experiences does it explore? 2. Which human...
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    Volumes of Revolution Help!

    We recently began integration and I'm still somewhat confused about this topic of revolution volumes. For some of these questions, I can't seem to get them at all! Like I keep getting \frac{7}{3} \pi for question (a) instead of \frac{1}{3} \pi (It should be V= \int^{1}_{\0} y^2-4y+4\,dy...
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    Derivative Geometry Help

    The question: 7. The sum of the radii of two circles is constant, so that r1 + r2 = k, where k is constant (a) Find an expression for the sum of the areas of the circles in terms of one variable only (b) Hence show that the sum of the areas is least when the circles are congruent Thank...
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    Help for Second Derivatives

    Hi all! I'm having a lot of trouble with finding the second derivatives, with questions 12 c to f. It seems like normal product/chain/quotient rules don't work for these questions when trying to find second derivatives...? Or I'm just screwing it up really badly, lol Also how to do 13...
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    Sum and Product of Roots Help!

    Hi! So I'm having trouble with this question from Cambridge X1 Year 12: If α and β are roots of the equation 2x2 + 5x - 4 = 0, find |α - β| Thank you!
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    Circle Geometry Homework Help!!

    Hi! So these questions are from the year 12 Cambridge X1 book-- I've been going around in circles (figuratively and literally) for the past almost hour on this whole circle geo unit...
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    Assistance in Editing Othello Comparative Speech?

    Hi, everyone! So for my school's latest assessment, we are to identify and examine a specific 'narrative' found in Shakespeare's Othello and explore how the narrative has changed over the years by using our related text. We must also examine the enduring relevance of the narrative in the 21st...
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    Memorising Polyatomic Ions

    Which polyatomic ions do we need to memorise for preliminary and HSC chemistry? Also, which... uh, no idea how to describe it, but chemical formulas for substances do we need to memorise as well? Like, hydrochloric acid is HCl, acetate is C2H3O2, sulphuric acid is H2SO4, etc. you know?
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    Year 12 Extension 1 Cut-Off

    I remember hearing briefly at the beginning of this year (year 11) that there was a cut-off for 4U maths, that you had to have a raw mark of at least 75% in prelim. 3U at my school to get in, and had to rank within the top 40 or so of the grade. A week ago, a friend of mine was breaking down...
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    Homework; HELP!

    How do you work out "cos(86°)=((hcot(9°))^2 + (hcot(12°))^2 - 600^2) / 2*hcot(9°)*hcot(12°)"? Thank you!
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    How to calculate cosec^2/sec^2/cot^2 on a calculator?

    As can be seen from the title, I have no idea how to input cosec/sec/cot and their squared counterpart into a calculator, specifically the fx-100 AU Casio calculator, or any Casio calculator in general. Please help! Also, please teach me how to calculate h in...
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    3U Cambridge 11 Homework; Help!

    This is a question from chapter 4, 3U Cambridge yr 11. How would you do questions (i) and (ii)? Thank you in advance!
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    How to Stop/Reduce the Number of Stupid/Careless Mistakes?

    My greatest problem in maths tests is my ever-present amazing ability to perform an amazing feat; to make the stupidest mistakes possible. And by stupid, I mean STUPID. For example, in my first prelim maths exam a few weeks ago, there was a question regarding absolute values worth 7 marks in...