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    Who's ready for this?

    As ready as I'll ever be, I can fit in another hour of studying D:
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    Section I - Core (Pompeii and Herculaneum)

    Did anyone else talk about how the Amphitheatre was used to bring in Tourists from Herculaneum and other places? Also just general stuff, entertaining etc.
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    Question Predictions

    Ethics as in the Human remains and ownership?
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    Re: frontline is gay Say you do 3 episodes for the exam, how many lines for each episode is recommended?
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    Frontline - Which episodes are you doing?

    Yeah, our teachers said try to avoid, the Siege and Add Sex and Stir. Seeing as they are the easiest and are overdone, according to them. However I'll be doing Add Sex and Stir and This Night of Nights.
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    Wuthering Heights!

    Doesn't seem to be alot of people doing WH. Unfortunately I am, and I didn't understand any of it until I read the Topnotes book for it. :|