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    Enrolling Advice

    Hey all Enrolling for Bachelor of Education (Primary) at the moment (early entry woop!) and have a pretty big question. I really want to do my course in 3 years, and I have spread my units across all 3 trimesters to get there. I have managed to all my units in with no clashes and meeting...
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    Dominance and dependence- UP (World Cities)

    Hi all, Going over the Urban Places syllabus I was a little confused when I got to this: "the relationships of dominance and dependence between world cities and other urban centres..." I understand the bit that follows on the changing role of regional centres. We never covered this in...
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    German Continuers

    Does anyone even do German Cont? If so how'd you all find it? Tbh there weren't many surprises. Writing task were all easy, 2nd Reading and Responding a little challenging, but the questions were fine. Listening was actually quite hard, well just the last question, but it was pretty...
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    Hi guys Probably a nooby question, but I've never understood scaling etc. so I was wondering if someone could nudge me to where I find what raw HSC marks convert into, say, a band 6 in Geography or whatever. My subjects are: Mathematics 2U Advanced English Geography German Continuers...
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    Quick Eco Question

    Hi guys Just looking for a neat explanation and definition of hysteresis please. Thank you in advance; much appreciated!
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    ATAR estimate please?

    School rank 170 (rural school) EngADV= 3/30 Math: 7/22 Geo: 1/22 GermCon: 30/90 Eco: 3/20 Thanks guys :)