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    Telling the truth-2 newspaper articles?

    Hi everyone, I found two newspaper articles that fit really well with the episodes of Frontline I'm doing. I have another related text (internet blog) but it doesn't fit with the eps. Just wondering if you think I can use 2 newspaper articles, or whether this will show 'little understanding of...
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    Physical Journey: "Human Spirit"

    Yay! You did a similar thing to me. I said that Huck's strong human spirit abandoned the influence of a conformist racist society and that enabled him to view Jim as a human being. Also, a strong human spirit often led to personal growth and self enlightenment on journey's as it allowed Huck to...
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    Yes, its another estimate. Sorry.

    uh. dont think its very good. 195 maybe?
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    Yes, its another estimate. Sorry.

    Hey everyone, Thought it was interesting to see other estimates on here. I know that they're not exact (due to scaling etc being a 'complicated process') but it'd be great to see what you think. Thanks:) Drama 1/23 Earth and Enviro Science 3/33...
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    ruby moon and 7 stages essay... argh!

    ARGH. i have to write an essay on the artistic, cultural, social, political and personal context, how they are presented using dramatic forms, performance styles, techniques and conventions, and how each of these, convey ideas and meaning to an audience which influences and stimulates change...