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    Question C - unfair in another way

    Can i say something KARMA IS A BEAUT!!!...anyone who thinks we should stop whinging about legal is very selfish and inconsiderate of others....were all m,eant to work together helping each otehr n not secretly whishing n complaining that PEOPLE DINDT KNOW A QUESTION! What i dont get it is why...
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    Sections III, IV : Extended Response

    why did u need to talk about the natural rate of unemployemnt? i only included like 2 paragraphs on the link between em and thats it.
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    Section II : Short Answer

    i understand how it increases foreign investment flows but also otehr investors lose confidence in the economy and the overall downturn has to lead toa depreciation, personlaly i think it can be both lets jus hope the markers think so aswell.
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    Section II : Short Answer

    i think i made the biggest mistake of my life...and i did it in multiple choice...i thought taht when interest rates rise and economic growth declines, this wud lead toa decline in exhange rate but apprently its the opposite howevere thats what i wrote..pls sumone tell me its partially not wrong.
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    Sections III, IV : Extended Response

    I did q26 and 27 can some one please tell me how they did theirs coz i wasnt too sure wat to write for the unemplyment n economic growth relationship. For q 27 i jus had how eco growth is affecte dby factors such as inflation, polices etc and then i wrote about how if growth increases then so...
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    Section III - Business Report

    I dont know if its right but i included marketing strategies and otehr financial planning strategies for this question. e.g profitability management...i mena it still does inc rease their market share....pls sumone tell me i did it right...
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    What happens to the 2nd 3rd and 4th?

    I noe dat the first person gets the highest HSc mark as their assesment mark but what happens to the next few students? And also say that i dont perform aswell as i do at school in HSc but other students who performed bad in school all of a sudden perform bettern than me in the HSC, will this...
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    too much caffine?

    lol ima cofee addict since stuvac i have like 2 cups of coffee a day n cannot study wifout itt and i cant do a test wifout it.....TRUST ME ITS A SAVIOUR
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    Whos Scared For Eco!

    lol im pissd coz i got business n eco n i gota study for both in one yeh :D ive been trying to analyse the past papers to guess whats coming in it this year...any of u have any ideas?
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    Whos Scared For Eco!

    lol100% good on ya.....jeez im hoping to get above 90 heck even ova 85 coz it will be a hard exam.....ive got business n eco but i still feel as if its not enugh time
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    Whos Scared For Eco!

    I dunt noe if its just me but im kinda getting scareed for eco badly...i dunno y...i relaly think its gonna be a hard exam what do the rest of you think? and how prepared are uze?
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    does anyone else have random songs in their head during exams??

    During my legal exam i had the song because of u by Kelly Clarkson in my head and then in maths i had ghetto gospel by tupac and johnniee....SO WEIRD
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    Multiple choice answers

    I noe this is asking too much but can sumone plz write out da multiple choice questions for me coz my skool duznt give em to us n i cant go on casmiras ones der not working........plzz.... :D
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    Section I - Law and Society

    OMG now im stressing.....for the acceess to justice question i did Equity, rule of law and natural justice....PLZ SOME ONE TELL ME ITS PARTIALLY RIGHT
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    Your standards

    You'll die of shame if you get under...88 You won't tell anyone what you got if you get less than....83 You will be satisfied with over... 88 You'll be bloody estatic with over... 90
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    doing an "all nighter" - studying all night

    cramming works but only n certain for eg i can cram 7 chapters in one nite n ill be fine as long as i overdoze on coffeee....dats what i dun for legal. I crammed all of crime in one nite ...TOO BAD BOARD OF STUDIES SCREWED US UP WIF NO CRIME IN IT
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    Multiple Choice Answers

    I dont know if anyone remembers but international law can be either state by state complaint or an individual can bring a complaint against their state. This would mean that international law is both public and least thats what my teacher told me...
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    Section II - Crime

    U shud all think how i feel about this exam we never learnt about juveniles as our focus was on madatory sentencing. Our textbook SHIT MACMILLAN doesnt even have anything on them. LETS BOYCOTT BOARD OF STUDIES>....are they trying to make us fail?
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    New Dragons and Eels chant!

    Go The Eels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Economics --raw Mark--approx??

    OH alrite thats better....because one of my friends from anotehr school got 70 sumthing for economics and her school scaled it up to like 82. WHich i dont think is quite fair to the rest of the state.