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  1. MATHmaster

    Frankenstein/Bladerunner Essay

    Could someone read my generic essay and give feedback on it? It would be very appreciated! BTW my english teachers are on a holiday so it is hard for people to read over my work! Thank you :D
  2. MATHmaster

    ATAR Estimate please (urgent)

    Hey I already posted a thread a few days ago but I feel I missed out some important features of my school and their marks My school rank is 92 in 2012, 78 in 2011, and 63 in 2010 My ranks are: Advanced English: 5/42 Maths Extension 1: 4/14 Maths Extension 2: 2/7 Modern History: 3/24...
  3. MATHmaster

    Atar Estimate

    School rank: 92 (78 last year) English Adv: 5/42 Math Ext 1: 4/14 Math Ext 2: 2/7 Physics: 8/24 Modern History: 3/23 SOR I (48/50 in 2012)
  4. MATHmaster

    BOS MX1 and MX2 paper 2012

    Does anyone have last year's Bored of studies paper online? This was the really difficult one only created only by the Bored of studies team.... I can't seem to find it on this forum
  5. MATHmaster

    Inconsistency of English marking

    Our school had our CSSA trials for English a couple of weeks ago and we got the results back this week. When we compared them to our previous marks in our assessments, they were very inconsistent. Most people, if not all, had a massive range when comparing their assessment marks to their trial...
  6. MATHmaster

    Help me with this question?

    Hi everyone this question came to came in our half yearly paper and it kinda hurt me with the wording of the question: (c) Let y = (4-x)^2 be a function of g(x) (i) Find the domain where the function g(x) is monotonic increasing (ii) State the inverse function over this domain (iii)...
  7. MATHmaster

    Communism in Theory and Practice

    Can someone clarify these terms for me: theory and practice in relation to communism. I probably need to know this for my half yearly exam on Monday... thanks!
  8. MATHmaster

    Is my physics exam unfair?

    Hello everyone I am very curious if the teacher is allowed to put several hsc past paper questions in a physics exam. Some people in my school have done all of them and knew the answers the whole time, providing model responses. Other people and myself haven't been exposed to as many as them. Is...
  9. MATHmaster

    Please someone critique my Frankenstein/Bladerunner essay! URGENT

    The title says it all... any volunteers???
  10. MATHmaster

    Need Creative Writing Feedback

    I have an assessment in week 8 and need some feedback. Does anyone want to give it a read?
  11. MATHmaster

    Best way to make the most of the 2U paper???

    Hey guys as we all know 2U math is tomorrow... so what would you do in your reading time and also is it better to do the paper quickly and then check your answers or do it slowly without having much to check them... any thoughts?
  12. MATHmaster

    Best quality school equipment?

    Where do you find quality exercise books that don't rip easily, get scratched etc? Also what pens do you use which don't run out of ink easily and are reliable? I'm not on a budget so I will buy stuff that must take me into the Summer. Thanks :D
  13. MATHmaster

    What's everyone doing in the holidays?

    Yeah um just wondering... Relax or study? I was thinking of completing the Space module for Physics, doing a few extension topics in math, reading my English Adv texts and finishing notes for the core section of Modern History. This way I hope to work on past papers in my spare time and ace my...
  14. MATHmaster

    Probablity Question Help

    Q10. a) There are 5 gold coins and 3 silver coins in a purse. Christine selects 2 of these coins at random. Find the probability that: i. She selects 2 gold coins. ii. She selects 1 gold coins and 1 silver coin. iii. She selects 2 gold coins if it is known that she selected at least I gold...
  15. MATHmaster

    Dropping a subject!

    I am definitely dropping Geography in Yr 12 because I hate it. But I am going to have some problems if I want to drop it ASAP... In my school, we are not allowed to drop a subject until Term 1 next year. However, I cannot bear doing one whole term of Geography. Also, I am deciding to do...
  16. MATHmaster

    Care to read my creative writing piece? (Year 11)

    I finished my first creative writing and I'm trying to write different ones in preparation for my Yr 11 Exam next term (1st week) so I could work with several different ideas. Could anyone please read it and give feedback? Preferably a mark out of 15? I will PM you if you want to read it...
  17. MATHmaster

    Estimates from my current Yr 11 ranks?

    I really want to reach my target goals for my future prospects of doing Actuarial Studies/Applied Finance at UNSW after high school. Based on my Yr 11 ranks, is an ATAR goal of 97+ possible? In addition, what HSC marks could I achieve from these current ranks? (please give a rough estimate)...
  18. MATHmaster

    Refraction Question

    Hey Guys I need your advice for this MC question on 'the world communicates' from my assessment last term Here is the question? What is the correct answer to this question? I got D but many of the class got C which was incorrect... How do I prove the teacher wrong because she still thinks...
  19. MATHmaster

    Help me integrate this:

    Integrate: (x2+3)/2x
  20. MATHmaster

    Possible ATAR estimate?

    Hey guys I'm still in Prelim, but what ATAR could I get with my current Prelim ranks? English Advanced: 8-9/50 English Extension 1: 6-7/16 Mathematics Extension 1: 1-2/20 Mathematics Extension 2: 1-2/8 Physics: 4-5/26 Modern History: 3/20 Studies of Religion 1 HSC: 13/120 My school is...