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  1. diametric

    Can you do general Maths in highschool and still do medicine

    I didn't do any maths for the HSC. I also did chem (and got a band 6 regardless of my lacking math skills). I also had similar concerns to you. The answer is no, you do not need to do 2u maths, or any kind of maths, to get into medicine.
  2. diametric

    Medicine at UNSW and UWS

    I think the problem may be combatted by: 1) Internship places are merely increased and entry into the RACP and RACS (not so much the RACGP) becomes nigh impossible. 2) Internship places are increased, a LOT more foreign doctors are funnelled into the system + a few more hospitals. 3)...
  3. diametric

    Medicine at UNSW and UWS

    In NSW, allocation of internships is based on a lottery system. All applicants submit their preferences of the hospitals they would like to do their internship at. It is rare that an applicant's first preference will be what they're allocated, therefore, some people put their desired preference...
  4. diametric

    Medicine at UNSW and UWS

    lol dude, I'm not the one making all these wild assumptions that are so, so wrong without even being in the system: "Its highly unlikely that it would happen and if it does it wont have any impact beyond internship." Your internship is a lot more important than med school. "You just made the...
  5. diametric

    Medicine at UNSW and UWS

    If I at all believed that certain universities would be looked upon more favourably with the arrival of the medical student tsunami, I would of accepted my offer to study medicine at Monash University. Also, if you actually wanted to do medicine at UWS, you would of been doing Adv Sci at UWS...
  6. diametric

    Medicine at UNSW and UWS

    is nottellingu the same one who left mso? lol, I thought you were a bit more knowledgeable when it came to medicine. Guess not. I also can't believe that some people even think the university you attended would have any impact on your internship/residency/basic training/advanced...
  7. diametric

    Med @ uws - umat

    So much misinformation and fail in this thread. The ATAR cut-off for UWS is 95 for non-GWS applicants and 93 for GWS applicants. Once you have achieved this score, it no longer factors into whether you are offered a place at UWS for MBBS. The 99.85 mentioned is indeed for the combined...
  8. diametric

    Medicine at UNSW and UWS

    UWS (unbonded): (and from GWS) ATAR: 98.05. UMAT: Overall: 60 Percentile: 91 Section 1: 63 Section 2: 56 Section 3: 62 Weighted UMAT: 150 I was always in search of info like this when I was a med hopeful, so I hope this helps. Oh and yes, UWS interview is awesome. Except for the one...
  9. diametric

    2010 University Offers Thread (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam)

    Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Unbonded) - University of Western Sydney Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Bonded) - Monash University Accepting UWS offer.
  10. diametric

    UMAT Raw Scores

    A bit slow lately, aye Wooz? 44 + 36 + 30 = 110. RAW scores.
  11. diametric

    What's you're back-up if you don't get into med?

    I still think rural entry is unfair, but whatev. My ATAR was 98.05, and my UMAT was 180 (91st percentile), and you'll prolly get in, but I won't. Good luck, though. @ tmahendradatta - because if I don't like law (and still wish to pursue med), I can simply graduate with BSci in third yr and go...
  12. diametric

    Highest Extension English Two Results

    lol, how old are you? if you didn't notice, I kind of finished my HSC and was giving future student's advice that would do them well.
  13. diametric

    Highest Extension English Two Results

    Advice for future students: Don't criticise society. Don't play around with religion. YOU WILL FAIL.
  14. diametric

    Jan 5 Early Offers

    congrats anna! on the placement and scholarship!
  15. diametric

    URGENT! Ditching Law after third yr - possible?

    I know it is possible to graduate with your non-law degree at the end of third yr (with a 10 yr grace period to return and complete your law degree), but is this also possible at UNSW? My situation is as follows: My first and second pref is Medicine. Law is my back up plan. I would still like...
  16. diametric

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    To see the ATAR cut off, just check the UAI to ATAR conversion table. My ATAR was 98.05, according to the table, my UAI would of been 97.9. Use that number when looking at cut offs. Though, of course, cut-offs do fluctuate from yr to yr based on demand. This is just more accurate than using your...
  17. diametric

    3 band 6's but didnt get a 90?

    please stfu and go play in preliminary discussion. i am replying in response to the comment that you cannot get a 90+ atar with a band 4. it is clearly possible. in response to the OP: you will be a good example to those who consider doing poor scalars in the future. unless youre confident of...
  18. diametric

    3 band 6's but didnt get a 90?

    I got an E3 (37 in English Extension 2) which is equivalent to 74 out of 100, a band 4, and got an ATAR of 98.05. RAWR. Yes, I realise it's only one unit; my combined english extensions added upto 80. So.. borderline band 5.
  19. diametric

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    2009 NSW ATAR: 98.05 HSC: 2008: English Advanced: 94 Biology: 93 2009: Business Studies: 95 Chemistry: 92 English Extension 1: 43 English Extension 2: 37