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    208 question: confidentiality vs privilege

    Hey all, hope the exam is treating you well! (lol). I've cross-posted this over on the general law forum too so hopefully someone will write back :/ I’ve read and re-read the course stuff on this topic, but I’m still having difficulty in discerning when these concepts need to be applied. My...
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    Late assignment. Not good.

    Okay so I am in a, ah, *bad* situation at the moment. I had an assignment due this Friday at 12pm ( to be handed in to W6A). It was a law assignment, and the repercussions for handing it in late are, according to the study guide, that I fail the entire unit. The assignment was worth 20%, and...
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    I-lecture stuff

    Basically I was wondering whether you can access I-lectures for courses you're not enrolled in? It's just I've head of one of my friends doing it but I wouldn't have the faintest how to. Any help muchly appreciated :/
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    paralegal/legal sec work

    Heya Just wondering if anyone's got a position like this/knows someone else who has. The thing is whenever I look in the paper/net/uni website, you tend to need legal secretary experience. I've been to a couple of interviews where it hasn't said you need experience, but when you get there it's...
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    In search of internal law transfer form

    Hi all. Am having a bit of a freak out seeing as i can't find the internal transfer form i'm looking for on the mq website. I've found the generic one- but i've heard with internal law transfers there's a bit where you include stuff like "why you want to do the course", and the general transfer...
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    NRSL for law @ newie, western syd or mq?

    Hey all. Wondering if any1 had any idea about the nrsl needed for arts/law at any of these unis? Any help greatly appreciated
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    trivial bakers delight q

    Know this is a wierd question but....I was wondering whether people who work at bakers delight get to take their uniforms home....or whether they're not and they have to get changed into them at work....just having worked at maccas I don't like the whole thing of having to get changed in a...
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    best friend V. boyfriend?

    Just wondering about ppl's situations regarding the balance between bf and bestie. My situation is pretty much this: I live around 3hrs away from my best friend, who has a bf (he's a really nice guy). Trouble is whenever I actually come home I organize to see my bestie...which is great....and...
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    womens social bball comps sydney

    Just wondering if anyone was in one/knew about 'em. Wanted to join but no idea where they'd be (have googled it with not much success). Tah
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    killing viruses

    Just wondering if anyone can help me out with a virus prob. Basically I had one sent to me from someone on my msn. I've installed AntiVir but the thing is when it detects this particular virus I press "delete" on the popup screen, and then it comes back "file can't be found". It's done this a...
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    People's take on part time

    I'm going for a job interview Thursday at Starbucks and the ad said it was a part time position. I'm just wondering: what is everyone's take on how many hours this entails. The thing is that the definitions for part time and casual work are becoming so incredibly blurred e.g. I've seen job ads...
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    After hours assignment box

    K well I've got to hand in an assignment late but the thing is today is a public holiday. A very sarcastic office woman has informed me that I can submit it by the "after hours assignment box". However I'm not sure how things work on public holidays. I want to hand it in later tonight (lol) but...
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    Heeelllppppp-need to change subjects!!

    Ok so I'm a first yr and I've decided a unit I'm doing is not for me( I'm doing a bachelor of arts). I wanna change out of ling109 into say pol165 or legl100. If I do that now, will I get academic penalty? Also, if say there are assignments in those subjects due b4 the mid semester break, would...
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    Linguistics tutor needed

    Hi all. I'm a first year doing ling109 and I need a tutor ( 2x 1 hour sessions per week). I'd prefer someone who's done 200/300 level ling or above who's tutored in the subject before. With regards to rates I'm pretty flexible. Anyway, anyone who's interested please email me...
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    Just wondering if anyone else thinks this is really low...

    K well I went for a Maccas interview this arvo. Anyway, I got there right on time (dressed for the interview-nice collared shirt and trousers) and anyway the manager said "come back in an hour, we're busy at the moment". So I thought ok, that's a bit rude but hey I'll come back. Anyway, I got...
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    Help with mobile phone needed!

    K well since Friday my phone's been saying "insert sim" . The sim card WAS inserted. So anyway I asked the bloke at the optus shop and he said sometimes sim cards "get old and need replacing". So being very foolish I purchased one and tried THAT in my phone but it still says "insert sim"...
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    Share your addictions...

    For me it's coffee. Ahhhhh pump it into my veins! For me Gloria Jeans and Starbucks are like lolly shops; I go all glassy-eyed. Anywho share your addictions ppl!
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    First year booklists

    Wanting to be a clever child and avoid the rush, I went onto the uni co-op website to find a book list for my degree. I was thinking that if I started looking for the texts now I might have time to get them second hand (I'm rlly poor at the moment). But Mq is the only uni that needs your id and...
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    Time spent travelling to work

    K well I'm applying for jobs. I want to work around 15hrs per week and I'll be situated in North Ryde (doing a single degree). Problem is that I'm seeing all these legal receptionist/library jobs that look great ($23 p/hr), however it'd take me about 1hr to get there. I don't have a car and...
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    Day/night lectures?

    Hi all Just wondering if it's possible to to mix day/night lectures for a unit of study. E.g. I wanna do Lecture 1 for SOC175 in the day and Lecture 2 for that subject at night. I know it's a stupid question but on the enrollment thing I recollect them asking me if I would be taking the...