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    Q10 (b) (folded paper) what mark do you think you got for this Q

    i looked at the question over and over again but it just wouldnt click. i think maybe if im very lucky i might get 1 mark just for the bullshit i scribbled when i tried to differentiate the area to get the minimum.
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    how much did you write and how do you think you went?

    i wrote: 10 pages for experience through languague-dialoge-the club-david williamson 8 pages for close study of a text- prose fiction - we all fall down- robert cormier and 10 pages for texts and society-into the world-steven herrick. i dont know how well i did though...i finished with 2...
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    did anyone else mix up "photographers" with "photographs"

    dam i didnt realise until looking back over my answers after i had finished. then the guy says pens down before i had a chance to fix it. far out im so cut!!
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    myth busters---2006 hsc

    guys take a look at brother gave it to me. His wife is a university lecturer. Due to some highly reliable research by the University of Armington, the following myths have been busted. "studying for long periods of time in the week before the hsc will help you on the day"...
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    read this!!!!!!

    now that i have your attention, can anyone please tell me how i can view my cumulative assessment ranks or marks. i heard u can view the actual final ranks on uac's website but i can't find it. thankyou...
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    english inner journey short stories

    ay guys.... does anyone have any good short stories on inner journeys. i want to have a look at a few so i can get some ideas on how to prepare a good one. I tried having a look at the resources on this site and although there were some okay examples , none of them really had that wow factor i'm...