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    Getting marks in the HSC

    Can one still get marks if they do not answer the question. Like in the my extended response fr ancient which was worth 25 marks I didn't answer the question at all :( is it still possible to get measly marks even if the essay is really good? What would be the max out of 25
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    English Standard Band 6

    Hey guys my Internal ranking is 1/100~ in a school ranked 500ish. I have recieved 100% in all my assesment tasks and in the trial i got 86%. My aim is to get a band 5 atleast. If i hit around 75/105 what will my mark get scaled up to? will it stay the same or go abit just a little bit. I'm not...
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    Best way to tackle upcoming english exam

    So how are you guys studying.... I am trying to memorise my 4 essays each which are worth 1000-1200 words albeit I'm not feeling it. It just feels like I'll go into the exam even though I'll know everything and I'll fail to answer the question. What's the best way? Also I feel that if I don't...
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    English Related Texts

    The people that mark your HSC English paper. Do they know your related material? E.g. If one of my related material is a tropfest film whereby only a few have heard of it does the marker look it up before marking my paper or does he simply go with what evidence I have provided
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    Family Issues

    if the question asks talk about the effectiveness of the legal system in protecting family breakdowns, could one talk about domestic violence?
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    Trading Distinctively Visual Essays

    Anyone doing Henry Lawson and is aiming for band 6 and would like to read other essays, pm me.
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    Extended response questions regarding new sylabus( HSC EXAM)

    Howdy, Any of you guys have an idea on what they could ask in the extended response for the HSC?? Currently I have wrote an essay regarding the effectiveness of HR in achieving the goals of the business (from the 2012 HSC specimen paper) Post your ideas from trial exams/ half yearly exams
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    Trial papers

    Hi guys, I was wondering if I could get my hands upon some trial papers for the new business studies syllabus? Would be highly appreciated !!!!!!!!:)
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    What was the Significance of these cases

    Apart from deceptive and misleading conduct, what were their significance? found this after reading markers feedback. Cases are: ACCC vs Arnotts and ACCC vs Nudie Foods. thanks ^^
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    Anyone here an Accountant or studying?

    I plan on doing accounting at University next year, however I am concerned with the level of maths involved... I'm not the best at maths but I do put in alot of effort. right now I'm completing general maths and my assesment marks have been (98,85,90 % for the past 3 assesments, however trials...
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    How do you feel about the HSC RIGHT NOW?

    Do you feel that you have studied enough up until this point? I'm still finishing up my current topics (will take 3 weeks max) and then will implement a heavy study regime on all my notes etc. This will give me around 6 weeks before the first exam. Do u think this is enough? lets say I study...
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    Anyone have the Pamela Bradley Ancient History textbook?

    How is it? Does it have New Kingdom Dynasty to the Death of Amenhotep III in it? If so please help me out, I really need it fill in some gaps for my notes but I can't seem it get hold of it. Is there anyway you could send it to me? Like taking a photo? would be highly appreciated...
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    Any have really good Notes on The Greek World: 500 - 440BC?=

    Msg me ASAP!
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    Ancient and modern interpretations of Hatshepsuts reign

    How should I go about answering this question eg evaluate the modern and ancient interpretations of hatshepsuts reign. I have my content but I'm unsure as to how I should respond. Anyone who has a sample reaponse or can guide me would be appreciated.
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    Legal studies 15mark Question. How to study for them?

    Hi Guys I have trials coming in a few days and I'm stuck on how I should prepare for these 15mark crime questions. Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks.
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    TSFX Lectures

    May consider going to the one for Ancient History for Sparta However I'm unsure which Sparta they're talking about? because im sure they're two topics.
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    Anyone else studying 'New Kingdom Society to the Death Of Amenhotep III? '

    I can't seem to find any resources on the resource page and my book has very basic notionn on the Syllabus dot points. How are you guys getting your notes?
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    How long does it take to physically write out a 1500word Essay in exam conditions

    Exam in 2 weeks time and I have pre-planned my essay and the current length is around 1500 words. Just wondering how long would it take to write this out on the paper? The exam length is 50-60 minutes.
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    Human Rights HSC Question

    Explain the difference between statue law and common law and how each responds to changes in Society (6marks).
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    Business Plans

    Hey guys my assignment acquires a Business Plan of a large well known business like Coca Cola, Qantas etc. Anyone know a website or place I could get them? cheers