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    What subjects will you pick next year?

    This thread is all about senior subject selections! What subjects will you chose for next year?
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    another maxima + minima

    Find the maximum volume of a right circular cone whose slant edge has a constant length measure a. This problem is from Fitzpatrick 2 unit. All help is appreciated =)
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    UAI prediction :P

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew what marks roughly in the HSC i will have to get to get a UAI of approximately 99.5? The subjects i intend to do are; 4 unit Mathematics 2 unit Chemistry 2 unit Physics 2 unit Economics 2 unit English (advanced) I don't mean to be arrogant or ignorant, but i...
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    Problem with (future) chem teacher

    Hi, I know that this teacher, of whom i will not name, most likely is going to teach the chemistry course next year (the year i will be doing it). He is one of the worst teachers ever! I am not talking about his personality, i am talking about his teachings and his knowledge. I have herd first...
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    Really quick question

    Hi, I had a test in which there was this question that had a octagon and a line extended from one of the sides (external angle). The question asked to find this external angle. But there was no indication that the octagon was regular; it was not mentioned and no lines indicating equal sides...
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    Simple Graphs question

    I just have some questions on the theory in the fitzpatrick textbook. - i) (graphs of cubic function) two distinct turning points if 4b^2 - 12ac > 0 i dont know how they got that. To me, it looks like the discriminant of a quadratic, but its for cubic. - (Graphs of rectangular hyperbola)...
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    MX2 difficulty...

    Hi everyone:wave: I know this is such a broad question, and many people would have different beliefs, but how hard is extension 2 mathematics? Some teachers tell me the course is almost impossible, and that i would be showing them how to answer the questions! I have it in my head that the 4...
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    Acceleration and policies?

    Hi, I am someone who accelerated into the Preliminary maths adv. and ext. 1 courses. Now, how i came about to do this was that in year 8 i found a passion for mathematics when I asked if my teacher could show me calculus. Soon after, i started to learn all the lower mathematics (9, 10 and 11)...
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    Need advice about maths class :S

    Hi, I have started mathematics advanced and mathematics extension 1 this year. I am at a school where the teachers are not very good and they use the most basic text book for the courses (maths in focus). To give some context, the highest score in mathematics advanced last year (in the HSC) was...
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    Australian education system going down the toilet!

    What is happening? The rudd government has come into office and it seams that the education system is going down the drain! For the first time in (i think) 12 years the syllabus is being "refined." But looking at the maths final draft syllabus, it appears that they are dumbing down the syllabus...
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    Do be a tutor?

    Hi Everyone, I am considering doing tutoring in mathematics for years 7 to 11 including adv and extension. How do i start it off? What do tutors do? Would i reteach what they are currently learning in class? Do i ask if they have any problems with what they are learning? Do i teach them...
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    Olympiad Math Camp

    Does anyone know if they got in? Does anyone from the previous years know what they do at the camp? Do you learn new math? such as? Do you just keep solving problems? p.s. Does anyone have any questions from the previous junior UNSW math comp, i cant find them any where?
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    Does the School Certificate and Trials even matter?

    I believe i might speak on behalf of most year 10s when i say that I have procrastinated till the day before my trials and am totally spewing on how it might be important? So the question is, how important is it? I am doing just the maths part of the school certificate (accelerated), should us...
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    Chances of me going to a Selective School (different person)

    Hi, Just whilst the question is around, what are my chances of getting into a lower selective school (its roughly 30th)? Here is what i go. My Report this year (Outstanding = A) 2 A's - Maths, Science (High = B) 3 B's (Sound = C) 1 C (Basic = D) 1 D...
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    Relativity Question

    This isnt a question from a text or anything but im just curious. A man, man A, is in a rocket travelling at 99% (<-- just arbitrary) the speed of light. He turns on a 100W lamp for 1 hour exactly (by his watch). Later his electricity company rang him and claimed he had a $1000 bill for using...
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    IPhO Australian Team

    Why was there no Australian International Physics Olympiad team last year (2007)?
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    Easy Question

    Easy but i cant get it, it is as follows In the diagram, PQRS is a square and STR is an equilateral triangle in the same plane. Find angle PTQ. A) 16* B) 22*30' C) 30* D) 36* E) 40* (* is degrees) The diagram is attached
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    A triangle has its lengths in an arithmatic progression, with difference d. The area of the triangle is t. Find the lenghs and angles of the triangle.
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    Geometry proof

    I just have this one question that i cant do, it is; Q1) In the diagram (attached), KJ//MN, prove that angle KLM is a right angle.
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    Vector Change

    Could some one explain this to me, im currently working out of Excel Preliminary Physics and i cant quite seam to get my head around it. Its page 97.