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  1. Magical Kebab

    From b com to b com/b media

    Im doing b com at unsw atm and I'm enjoying the degree, however, i wanted to find out what criteria i need to meet (i.e WAM) to transfer into b com/b media in semester 2 or something. thnx
  2. Magical Kebab

    2010 hsc q3 Answer is B Not sure why
  3. Magical Kebab

    AAA + EAS for law

    I got the AAA from my school and I'm also eligible for EAS. That means I can get 3 points for aaa and not sure about EAS. Hypothetically, say I get 4 for EAS, do they all apply for law or does unsw law have a threshold for the amount of EAS points/total bonus points they accept?
  4. Magical Kebab

    Maths exam changes

    Since 4u/2u have been changed to /100 marks and 3u to /70 marks, does that mean you would have more time relative to past years or has the structure/difficulty of the exams been changed so that the actual length of the exam is still around the same?
  5. Magical Kebab

    English prep?

    In starting to prep for the hsc from now, I'm starting wonder what the best way to prep for English is. I'm gonna start by writing what I do + ill ask what everyone else recommends on doing for each paper/section. I've made this thread mainly cos I need help on how to prep generic essays...
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    So if you're ranked first in your cohort you are not affected by the rest of your cohort. But does it matter if you're ranked first by 1% or 20% - or is it the same thing?
  7. Magical Kebab

    ATAR estimate

    School rank: 2012 - around 435 DUX-98.45 2011- around 310 2010- around 550 Ranks 2u Maths - 1/18 Extension - 3/4 (really strong class) English adv - 3/16 Phsyics - 1/3 Chem - 1/3 Eco - 1-2/8 (heaps close) Any chance of 95?
  8. Magical Kebab

    Testing for ions

    For the dot point deduce the ions present in a sample from the results of tests Is it better to memorize something like the flow charts on the dot point on hsc online Or is it better to memorize a table that shows...
  9. Magical Kebab

    Preparing for the creative

    Probs my worst part of the paper. We have an AOS exam on Wednesday and I'm not sure on how to tackle this section. Teacher told me to prepare a few creatives and apply one, but in saying that, to what depth do I prepare each? Or should I just spend 5mins in the exam thinking of a story and...
  10. Magical Kebab

    Why So Slow?

    Not sure if its just me, but i cant even use this site properly cos its been so slow... Its just this site, but not sure why its so slow... Sometimes i try loading it and it tells me "database error". Time for mods to stop infracting and warning people and time for them to actually do...
  11. Magical Kebab

    Related texts

    For the are of study and modules in which you need a related text, Is it recommended that you write about two related texts or stick with the prescribed text + 1 related text combo? Discuss.
  12. Magical Kebab

    Guide to scaling and determining your ATAR Read the section on scaling if you're interested. This personally answered all my questions.
  13. Magical Kebab

    HSC Physics Marathon 2013-2015 Archive

    The HSC Physics Marathon is an open chain of questions between students. It works by answering a question then posting another question and allowing the cycle to repeat itself. Rules: - After answering a question, always provide a new one - this is what keeps the thread alive. - Allocate a...
  14. Magical Kebab

    Economics HSC marathon

    Will be interesting to see how this goes. Less problem solving, this is primarily for revision etc. Same rules apply but also allocate marks. Good idea would be to get questions from past papers, mainly on the global economy and Australia's place in the global economy. Also to make things a...
  15. Magical Kebab

    What do you want to do at University?

    Mainly aimed at the 2013ers because I'm curious and cbf messaging everyone so, what do u guys want to do at uni? Me: can't really finalise which is pissing me off but I'm contemplating between law/com or Eco, dentistry or psychology.
  16. Magical Kebab

    summer holiday courses

    does anyone know of any good ones/recommend any good ones? if so, when where and price.
  17. Magical Kebab

    usyd holiday courses

    Does anyone recommend these? They hold them for most subs and each is a week and around $350, not sure if worth. I was thinking of only going to the english one so if anyone has been to these workshops lemmie know. tanks
  18. Magical Kebab

    Atar estimate

    English adv - 3/23 2u maths - 1/15 3u - either 1/4 or 2/4 chem - 1/3 physics - 1/5 eco - either 1/13 or 2/13 school rank like 500
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    Are there any HSC subjects that u are recommended to do for law? I'm guessing not...
  20. Magical Kebab

    Workbooks etc

    Does anyone reccomend any good workbooks for economics?I think there's a dot point economics book and I'm not sure if there's anything better to get. I'm not sure on whether or not just the schools textbook (Dixons) would be enough so if anyone has recommendations, please list. thanks.