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    Training Required for a GP to become an Ambulance Officer/Paramedic

    Hello everyone! I am interested in a medical career. What training would a general practitioner or non-emergency medicine specialist doctor have to do to become qualified as an ambulance officer/paramedic? How long would the training take? I am interested in working in the ED but do not want...
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    Post your timetable?

    Title says it all, post Yr 11 timetable ...type it or attach it Do you like your timetable? Are you happy with subject choices or are you regretting not having changed before it was too late? Do you like the amount of frees you have...okay, I'll post mine...just a moment. Yes, I love...
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    Italian by distance education

    Hi Does anyone on here [currently] do Italian by distance ed (Open High School)...I don't, but I did have to for Years 9 (2006) and 10 (2007). I actually quite enjoyed the freedom of it, having the free periods and all. Does anyone do it for senior Italian and how does it work? Are you...