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  1. XcarvengerX

    State average?

    Where can I find information about the state average for each course? Are they only available to schools?
  2. XcarvengerX

    Assessment Rank Notification

    Tomorrow is the day. Hopefully I got the same rank as my report because the rumour I received said that there were two big mistakes in my report. Is the release time at 12:00 AM or 06.00 AM?
  3. XcarvengerX


    So the paper has 9 marks on probability, but they are quite easy. These are the correct solutions. 3.(i) 5P3 = 60 (ii) 5P2 + 5P3 + 5P4 + 5P5 = 320 6. (i) Binomial distribution using 4C3 and 4C4 Answer: 4C4 q4 + 4C3 q3p (ii) 1 - (4C4 q4 + 4C3 q3p) = 1 - 4q3 + 4q4 (iii) Substituted...
  4. XcarvengerX

    What have you learned about yourself during hsc?

    For me, I have learned that I am a one-day deadline person. During these last minutes, I am going to pour out all my effort and the result is usually satisfactory. Then I will talk about it with someone (like in Exam Thoughts forum where I double my post counts in a week) and then realise I...
  5. XcarvengerX

    Harder 2 Unit Topic: Trigonometry

    Just a couple of confusing questions: 1. Two interconnecting equilateral triangle-shape (note: not pyramids) buildings, ABD and BCE, are built on a horizontal plane so that AC is horizontal. AB is 4 metres and CE is 5 metres. Find the angle DE makes with the horizontal. (Note: I managed to...
  6. XcarvengerX

    HSC Seminar on Holiday

    Anyone here going to HSC seminar thing on Tuesday first week holiday? This is only for ESL students and I heard heaps of ESL students going there. It is in the City, Masonic Centre. If you go there, please post here. Might as well meet some BoSers.:)
  7. XcarvengerX

    Class of 06. Post all your assessments marks and ranks here.

    Hi 06ers. So HSC is only about 3 weeks away. By now, you should have done all your assessments so it's time to show the world what you have done in Year 12.:) There is actually no point of this topic as we can't compare assessments amongst different schools. However, I think there are three...
  8. XcarvengerX

    Prospective Student's Questions about ANU

    Hi students of ANU, I am considering going to ANU next year, but I have many questions about ANU. I know it would be a lot more fun to find out myself, but I have to make sure that ANU is better than other universities in NSW, like USyd and UNSW so I don’t waste money to move out. I hope that...
  9. XcarvengerX

    Photoelectric Effect Problem

    I have problem with this question: A scientist is investigating the effect of different types of radiation on the surface of a piece of sodium metal. The two variables under investigation will be the frequency and the kinetic energy of the photoelectrons. (i) Should the sodium plate be...
  10. XcarvengerX

    A couple of questions regarding moderation.

    1. If I am the only student, say in Math Extension 2 class, is that mean I can stuff up my internal assessment (i.e. the teacher may set very hard or very easy exam just to warm up) as my internal mark would be adjusted according to my HSC mark anyway? If I am the only student, isn't that I...
  11. XcarvengerX

    Questions about Commonwealth NetBank

    Does anyone know if I can transfer money using Commonwealth NetBank to another bank network like St George Bank or ANZ Bank? If it does possible, is there any fees for doing so? Thanks in advance.
  12. XcarvengerX

    z = x + iy Form

    Just did my Extension 2 exam today. Question 1 killed me. Let A = 3 + 4i. Write the following in z = x + iy form. a. A square b. 1 over A c. square root of A d. 2 to the power of A Part a and b are done easily. a. Just expand, then collect like terms. b. Just multiply by A's conjugate...
  13. XcarvengerX

    Some questions

    1. When you write ratio, like liquidity ratio, do you write it something is to one or one is to something? eg. CA : CL 10000 : 15000 1 : 1.5 OR 0.66 : 1 2. When you calculate return on owner's equity, do you include retained profit (net profit) in your owner's equity or not? eg. Jane...
  14. XcarvengerX

    Need Some Clarification

    Hey, can someone clarify few things for me, please? 1. Can I double post? If not, how can I make my old topic back to the top if suddenly I have something more to say? If I edit it, no one would notice it. So is double post against any rules in BoS? 2. If I close my BoS browser without logoff...
  15. XcarvengerX


    Which one of these are correct. Why or why not? infinity + 1 = infinity infinity - infinity = 0 infinity x infinity = infinity infinity - 1 = infinity infinity : infinity = 1 0 : infinity = 0 1 : infinity = 0 infinity : 0 = undefine x to the power of infinity = infinity derivative of x...
  16. XcarvengerX

    Parabola Questions

    Can you help me with these couple of questions? 1. Show that the locus of the mid-points of chords in the parabola x2=4ay, and which pass through the vertex, is another parabola, x2=2ay. 2. Two points P and Q move on the parabola x2=4ay so that the x coordinates of P and Q differ by a constant...
  17. XcarvengerX

    Vocabulary Thread

    If you have a nice word you can share to us here, please do so. It will greatly help a lot of ESL students here. It may be useful when writing essay to show our wide-range choice of vocabulary. Please don't copy dictionary meaning, but use simple term to describe the meaning, of course unless...
  18. XcarvengerX

    CityRail Discussion

    I don't know about you, but I have a lot of grudge to this government organisation...:burn: I know if there is no train, then it will be even worse, but if I have to wait more than an hour without inform me first, then I think I can always find a better way to my destination. I am...
  19. XcarvengerX

    Mobile Phone Virus

    Just wanna know if anyone here ever have a mobile phone infected by one of these new viruses... I think my mobile was infected by one because the battery suddenly ran out very quickly, then I will charge it, but the battery ran out fast again. I didn't even use my phone. Anybody know what...
  20. XcarvengerX

    Virgin Discussion (Reason and Prospect)

    Hey all, Just wanna know if there are still some virgins out there... Why do you still maintain your virginity? Do you plan to lose your virginity before marriage? I am a virgin and for those who don't know (I know there are some people who think that the term "virgin" is only for female)...